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Purple drink


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  1. ComicBookGuy says:

    Should it not read “drink”?

  2. Jack Goff says:

    Yeah, nice use of the English language!
    There’s something I like about these colors though.

  3. beans says:

    No, “drank” is correct. “Purple drank” is a common name for “sizzurp”, which is cough syrup (with codeine) mixed with Sprite or Zup and Jolly Ranchers. It’s becoming increasing popular due to its use by famous ‘musicians’ such as Lil’ Wayne and Justin Bieber.

  4. Chris in NC says:

    purple drank is also made with the same ingredients that prince skittles of florida (trayvon martin) was coming back from the store with…

  5. Amy says:

    “purple drank” has been around long before this stupid “sizzurp” crap you’re talking about. the rappers that started this codeine shit ruined it. it was a harmless thing before in the African American culture referring to a drink they had. it was a cheap, less sugary version of koolaide. now the rappers have ruined it just like everything else they incorporate into their culture.

  6. Mayor McTurd says:

    the tat itself is stupid, but it’s a damn good tat, and the colors are awesome!

  7. Drews411 says:

    Agreed Mayor, it is nice for what it is. Even the lettering is dead on.

  8. mama jeans says:

    The colors look fabulous.

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