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Pug life

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  1. Douche Nozzle says:

    Pugs are my favorite breed of dog. Pugs are the best. 😉 :) 😀 😛

  2. Hugz says:

    Dats my dawg, fer really real

  3. cajita-feliz says:

    Ode to Natalie Dee. <3

  4. Someone says:

    Love the tattoo. I love pugs!!! Never adopted one.

  5. littlelorna says:

    I get the Pug life tat – rather fun!

    But WTF is up with the SHIRT?!? *shudders*

  6. marshall319 says:

    it’s a madball shirt littlelorna

  7. waitwhat says:

    Hahahaha! Too cute.

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