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Yes, that’s a 7-year-old tattooing someone. That explains how we have so many misspelled tattoos on here. More interesting parenting at

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  • bethany

    damn! at least the kid’s got a job, which is more than most people can say these days LOL

  • Anonymous

    Ok, first of all, that’s not a real Tattoo Machine. You can clearly see the ball point pen in it! Secondly you can see the little girl is wearing some shop’s shirt. The guy who you think she is tattooing is probably her Dad, Uncle or someone close to her and he is probably an artist and/or shop owner and he’s probably playing with her. Any man who spends real time with his kids is by no means a bad parent. I’m sure playing dress up an tea partys are bad parenting too huh?

  • Angela

    My daughter has the same machine……it has colored pens you put in it an a stencil set…..her dad is an artist an both my children have grown up around tattooing . .. i see no problem here……i can think of alot of other things that would be bad parenting this isnt one of them

  • nicole

    I guaruntee its her dad

  • LEAH

    Very cute, great photo i regular put carbons on kids as fake tattoos, and this is not as uncommon as people think in tattoo world, definitely her dad…..

  • jeffm209

    That is a toy available at… You guessed it… Wal-Mart. LOL

  • Mad March Hare

    Awww…Dad’s teaching her some skills in the family trade! Beats accounting.

  • Liz

    very cute, when my (6mos old atm) daughter gets bigger i’m going to periodically do hand drawn in sharpie tattoos (they last longer than rub ons imo) for her, and even do a design for the back of a hoodie in sharpie fabric markers. seriously people need to be less taboo about tattoos and kids!!

  • Lynz

    Yes, that is her dad and he is teaching her to be a tattoo artist because she wants to be – she did her first real tattoo when she was four

  • tu madre


    So whats the problem here?

  • Josie

    What a cutie.

  • ninjagato

    I think that’s actually really sweet. He’s obviously sharing an interest with her and is spending quality time with her, which is more than can be said for many fathers. The tattoo gun looks like a toy, but if it was real there’s a daddy that has a special memory tattooed on him.

  • kiersten

    obviously it’s not a real tattoo machine.

  • Melly

    There’s an article about her and (you guessed it)her Dad, she’s not 7 ( anyone can tell that) She’s 3, and her dad owns a tattoo shop. Teaching your kid to be artistic = good parenting in my books.

  • Amy

    Travis Barker had his children write their names on paper and had it tattooed on him. This is pretty much the same thing, except she’s tattoo him free hand. I think it’s cute, and it would be SUPER cute if it was real. He’d have a piece of her art work forever.

  • Kails

    This is adorable. I might have to pick up one of these for my son. Does any one have the link to the article that Melly posted about ? I would love to read it! As a tattoo enthusiast myself, I think it will be important that my son have an understanding of them. Even if he has no interest in getting them in the future. Of course, at the same time I realize that tattoos are a very big decision. I got 3 before the age of 19 and I don’t like them at all. That’s not to say I wont like the ones I get in the future that are done professionally.

  • Alex

    To you, the oh so clever person that 1. posted this with the smart ass comment, and 2. thought that this was a real machine here is your d-bagging dumb tweet moment. Think before you post

  • Lisa Albanese

    oooo i need to find that toy for my 9 yr old. my husband tattoos and she likes what daddy does :) this is a good father if he’s taking time for his little girl to play.

  • momto3pink1blue

    what a good daddy spending fun time with his little girl and encouraging her!

  • Queenie

    Yep it’s a toy & my kids each had 1 too & practiced on their Dad all the time. We lost him to cancer a year ago when kids were 9 & 11 & some of their best memories were “tattooing” on their Dad. He also had his toenails painted different colors by our daughter because by that time he could hardly get out of bed but still wanted to spend time with her doing something she enjoyed. This guy is an AWESOME Dad for doing what the kid wants to do, not making her do what he wants to do. My kids would give a lot to have their Dad back to do fun things like this with him. It’s the memories that count.

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