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Filed under: Product placement


    Looks like shat.

  • Judith

    Looks like it was done by a 10 year old. Seriously?

  • Daisy

    Sad…just sad.

  • jazzoo

    Ummm just to start-he is missing an eye. WTF!

  • Whatever


  • Buddy

    This is your Pringles. This is your Pringles on meth….

  • LJ

    Oh dear.

  • CoCo

    I hope you really love pringles…

  • Vaglover

    He had to hold the can up to it or you would never recognize it.

  • Vaglover

    Actually looks more like a bird.

  • Megan

    So did a 5 year old draw that out beforehand?

  • CrackMan

    What a waste of ink, waste of flesh, and a waste of time. Total fail on this one, Skeezix!

  • Netjnke

    I’d pull the pant leg back down, and never speak of it again

  • Missy

    Man, sucks to be you.

  • Kim

    How could someone screw up something so simple?

  • Berrunner

    Well it’s obvious he eats pringles, but he must also eat shit because that’s what that tat looks like.

  • Spacegeek Nat

    I don’t understand. Did he do it himself? Is that why it looks like that?


  • Snap N. McGarrett

    Nice tattoo. Did you do it yourself?

  • nataku

    i… i just don’t know…

  • ?

    pretty good work.
    for a guy blind folded and one arm behind his back. =)

  • Oivia

    message to who ever got the tatto YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!
    that is PERMENENT

  • justsayin’

    Why the heckedy-heck would someone want a Pringles tattoo in the first place?!?!

  • Rob

    I’m thinking there is more to this, there is an A undernieth the Tat. perhaps a pringles logo drawn by a child with that initial? tribute or memory tattoo?

  • http://wtftatoos Leonard Sherry

    Looks like it was done with a sewing machine needle and testors model paint, by someone who had smoked 2 much crack !

  • Hellena Handbasquet

    Please tell me this picture is being used as exhibit A in the lawsuit against the tattoo artist.

  • bobispurple

    I think I have to agree with the above post that it may be a memory or tribute tattoo. maybe a picture drawn by a small child type thing. I have 3 very childishly drawn spiders that the little girl I looked after drew for me.

  • http://nunya Angel

    It’s SUPPOSED to look like that. It’s the ghetto version of the Pringles logo man.

  • Ginger

    “I shaved my legs for this?”

  • amanda

    pretty sad looking… my nephew draws better..

  • mcradloff

    I love pringles too, when I was little I never had them, so I thought they were real expensive, I thought happy meals were expensive too, but hey I was little, I believed Bigfoot lived in our neighborhood.

  • Nicky O

    Did some trainee do this? Its crap

  • b

    i am laughing so hard omg

  • Kjelstad

    maybe the “a” is there because it is a cover up? Why is… Oh never mind. Just Why.


    I could have done a better job if I held the tattoo gun with my ass hole muscles.

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