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Possibly the most offensive tattoo ever

This is definitely the most offensive tattoo I’ve come across.

Filed under: Hall of Shame, Random

  • Marla

    What “artist” would even tattoo such a thing? Shame.

  • SuperSizeMMA

    take this down.. Doesnt deserve the attention..
    Im gonna be done looking at this site for a while

  • Kirsten

    I’m surprised a tattoo artist agreed to do it. Shame on both of them.

  • J0nn0

    WOW!That is sick beyond belief…shame on the artist and the douche who has it on their skin!

  • SD

    Funny in sick kind of way

  • http://facebook heather

    Not funny or cool in any kind of way…this is disgusting.

  • tammy furjes

    this is beyond digusting!!!!!!i have NEVER seen such ugliness in all my life. both should be so ashamed!!!

  • Emily

    Thats f’cked up. This made me so mad

  • sully

    This is disgusting. I am personally boycotting this site. This person is seriously demented.

  • vomit knife

    First I thought: “cut this off with a dull knife” but then reconsidered. Smear bacon grease on it and shove this loser in a cage with some starving hyenas. I believe regret for this horrible tat would set in immediately.

  • Hal

    Worth any luck someone will find the motherfckr and dig it off ‘em with a dull, rusty fork!

  • Taog

    You know, when you react to a troll, you are the one who loses.

  • Seriously

    I can’t believe you would even post that picture. Nearly 3000 people lost their lives on 9/11, over 300 of my brothers and sisters died that day…

  • Lizzie

    I never comment on these pics….just love to laugh at them. But this one is disturbing, hateful, disgusting, arrogent, uneducated, demeaning, rude, and SELFISH! If i were the artist i would have pulled out a shotgun and threatened his this guy’s life if he didn’t leave my shop! This guy and the artist both need to be put on the top of a giant bulding set on fire, and be pushed
    off. This needs to be removed from this site….otherwise, the site creators will suffer because no one will be returning……just some advice…..

  • chelsea

    U know….this is called Wtf tattoos..if u can’t handle the content don’t visit the site…y would u boycott it bc this was posted? It belongs on this if it was on coolest tatts ever then yes, boycott. This is a terrible tattoo but those wanting to boycott the site bc of it r morons.

  • kdix

    Let me at him with a cutting torch, I show him raining men! That is THE MOST VILE AND APPALLING TAT I HAVE EVER SEEN, I AGREE with LIZZIE, I believe it should be removed from the site, because it is most definitely NOT funny

  • Bad Kitty

    This is NOT COOL AT ALL!!!! What kind of ASSHOLE,would get a tatt,such as this??? I agree with kdix,(about the cutting torch)…This tatt makes me want to open up a bunch of whoop-ass,on this spineless moron!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  • ashley carpenter

    i found this very sad and the person who has this tatt, as well as the artist should be ashamed. that could get someone killed. i wanna say thanks for sharing, because it’s just the cold hard fact that some people have no heart, and are idiots!

  • joe

    It’s funny how people pick and choose what they are going to be offended by. For instance everyone laughs at retards, but somehow this tattoo is offensive. Get over yourselves. Oh wait you are all boycotting this site so you wont’t read this anyway.

  • Ally

    Wow… this is the worst tattoo I have ever seen… People can get the dumbest shit they want, I truly don’t care but why on earth would anyone get a national tragedy (i don’t care what nation still wrong to get any form of tragedy like that) tattooed on themselves and portray it as a joke?? This is pure stupidity…

  • Gabe

    At least, the site should show this freak face

  • Allen

    So you people are boycotting the website b/c they hate the tattoo and wanted to share their disgust? Grow up people..if you wanna be mad, be mad at your USA!!! They knew 9/11 was gonna happen and did n

  • Allen

    Nothing about it.. Now that’s disgusting and shameful .. Not some tattoo on a persons arm. It’s sad how dumbed down Americans have become

  • mrwhyte

    Enough already over 9/11. Seriously you milk this stuff for all it’s worth. You know stuff like that happens in other parts of the world all the time and they don’t do the pageantry and sell out’ism you americans do. You go bully into other countries and religions and tell people how to live. Then you expect everyone to do it quietly and happily even tho you’ve screwed up countless times in the middle east. You only go to the countries with oil (what about somalia and haiti or countries like that? help them) Every cruel, vile joke you guys hear you deserve because you think you are special You aren’t. Just a country of fat lazy ignorant rednecks who are obsessed with patriotism. You know that’s how nazi germany started right?

  • kylef

    Now THAT is how you get web traffic.

  • http://facebook mandy

    OK first of all the people of this country aren’t the ones who decide on where we go to war, and I know for sure that rednecks make up a little of our overall population. Secondly, of course we are going to stick up against terrorism in our country because it happened on our soil. And people who died on 9/11 were a lot of different races. This tattoo is offensive because people died that day that were innocent and its wrong when that happens to anyone in any country.

  • OMG

    Please tell me this is fake because no self-respecting tat artist would ever do that.

  • socal

    I found it funny.

  • Sue

    I wouldn’t call the person who did the tattooing an artist. That person is far from an artist. I think its sad, that anyone would even think this is was a good idea.

  • JAZ

    I kinda agree with boycotting but yeah its called WTF Tattoos for a reason. This just goes to show how low some people are I mean to want something like this on you and then to the person who did it WTF!!! I hope this guys ends up in prison where they skin his a33 alive! Or better yet send him to the middle east where he can see how our troops fight for a country he lives in and takes advantage of…

  • Mel88

    This tat is very offensive to us Americans, and shows little respect for what happened and for those who passed away that day – civilians and the NY task forces alike. I agree with a lot of you about how the person who got this and the ‘artist’ who did it, should be ashamed in even going thru with the idea of this mockery! however… granted the wearer of the tat comes to their senses and realizes their act of stupidity… they can alter the tat into something that would (hopefully) show a bit more respect, by altering the banner n what it says an covering up the stick figure bodies with something else that isn’t offensive. those are the only 2 things, i see, that would need to change the tat from being offensive to not…

  • aerial

    Oh my… Why would someone get a tattoo of this.. if they wanted a tattoo about 9 11 they could of gotten something respectful about the people who got killed like r.i.p of the people on 9-11-01 not “Its raining men” and stuff.. seriously…. thats just sick… and this person that got this has a sick mind… shame .

  • azrieli

    i think its funny. americans need to get over 9-11 already. nobody else cares.

  • Anthony

    It is highly offensive, but to be honest I laughed the first time I saw it. I’m more appalled at those of you wanting to torture/kill this guy…in a sense, you’re worse than the terrorists. The terrorists were making political statements, y’all are just being hateful and vengeful…Al Qaeda didn’t want to torture people, some of you people are REALLY the sick ones.

  • Frank

    @ Anthony

    Anthony you don’t have a clue on most of what you are talking about. Al Qaeda do and have tortured people and they were not making a political statement. They were killing people for no other reason than HATE and what they feel is VENGENCE!

  • Momo

    Actually frank- you have no idea what you’re talking about. What Al Qaeda did- and i say that very loosely because I do not believe they did it to begin with- is called blowback, shit just doesn’t happen for a reaon. Educate yourself on the history of Afganistan, USSR and United States and you’ll be amazed at how 9/11 was unfolding. Until then keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Anthony

    @ Frank

    hehehe…you got schooled!

    Seriously, it’s September 12, 2011…10 years and a day after…GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  • Josie

    He’s an a$$ and so is the f’n moron who made it!

  • Samantha

    This tattoo and all of the people who are commenting “get over it” are making me sick to my stomach. What is wrong with people today, and the fact some of you people have the nerve to say get over it. Tell that to all the children who lost their parents that day. Tell them to get over it. Tell that to all the fireman and police force who died. America will never get over it. Respect is almost non-existent nowadays.

  • Richard

    What artist would even consider doing this tattoo, this is absolutely the most tasteless choice I have ever seen.

  • Jed

    Tis pretty funny, but I laugh at fat chicks falling over, Michael Jackson jokes and have heard some pretty hilarious racist jokes. Am I evil??

  • Danielle

    This was actually very entertaining….Thank you all.

  • Retina Burn

    Yes this is a WTF tattoo – definetly. But the person who posted it is just as sick as the person who got it tattooed.

  • Miakila

    @Momo- You said “shit just doesn’t happen for a reaon”. I guess by that logic you’d agree that the US has a REASON for every action we take. The PEOPLE do not control the actions that our government take. We may not always like them or agree with them, but our sense of patriotism will keep us standing behind our country regardless.
    I have a pretty sick and twisted sense of humor, but that tat is gross. If this person had to actually witness it and see up close the result, I wonder if they’d still have this.

  • teeko

    Shameful that some people are so insecure and attention needy that they’d get a tattoo like this just to get reaction.
    If they ever need the fire dept. or emergency crews I hope they are smart enough to cover that up.

  • EMM

    It is sad that someone thought that so called art / ink/ tattoo was funny or in any way nessary. What is even sadder is that bymrwhyte felt that their comments were in any way aproprate.
    For the record bymrwhyte if you seriously fill this way about americans, then I have a solution. Dont come to America, do not talk to Americans, Have nothing to do with America. I assure you that none of us will miss you in any way …
    The rest of you, by giving this person attention you have given them what they wanted. It is best to ignore them as it will do no good.. It is ovbious that the person who has this tattoo and the one that gave it to them parents were related by blood. So we should ignore the fact that they did this, it is not their fault .. they were a product of incest.

  • cakeisalie

    Haters gonna hate

  • Mike Mike

    Just as you say that… what about the families of the almost 1 million people who died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11? Forget about them did you?

  • Damasco

    911 is getting old year by year , is about time to put it on the back burner , if you read the poll in CNN 40% of people in US do not care about it any more. Kiss it good bye
    and move on.

  • athenakary

    This is a disgraceful, disgusting post. Please remove it. How could you post it at all, especially this time of year?

  • ttowngirl

    what a disgrace the artist and the skank that got the tatoo should burn in hell

  • Anthony Botti

    I’m not surprised by this. There are people who hate our country despite the fact that they LIVE HERE and have benefited to no end from living here …I’m sure inker and inkee alike in this case felt themselves somehow “justified” by the fact that it was the World Trade Centre (i.e., a symbol of the capitalist economic system they obviously both hate with a passion despite everything it’s done for them). Two sickos. One sick tattoo. Another example of how America is a great enough country to allow freedom of speech no matter how vile said speech is. ‘Nuff said.

  • Tanaqueesha

    I have this song stuck in my head now.

  • Frank Inscense

    I hope this douchebag gets caught doing something or other by some NYC cops… and they remove this for him, with no anesthesia.

  • bob

    I laughed like hell at that.Why is everyone so uptight.

  • Sophie

    Take this off the site! And someone punch the living daylights out of this guy.

  • Pamela

    Looks like a lower leg tat, can’t tell if inner or outer. My theory is possibly that ink is on that tattoo artist himself. It would almost have to be? Because I know if I was an artist and had a shop, if anyone came to me with that idea i’d beat the ever living hell out of them and send them on their way. I can list about 50 adjectives that describe this horrible thing.

  • Philip

    This is a pretty hideous tattoo. And no, I’m not saying that as an American – I’m saying it as an Englishman who watched 9/11 unfold live, and was as horrified and disgusted by it as any American was at the time.

    And as for those people who are saying “it was ten years ago, get over it”, I’m sure you wouldn’t feel the same way if it was your husband, wife, brother, sister, son or daughter who’d been burned or crushed to death.

    This is like getting a tattoo of the gates of Auschwitz or something…

  • Nocturnesthesia

    Not that funny, but not that offensive either. Quit getting your panties in a twist over stupid jokes… It’s pretty pathetic.

  • No balls

    He does not have the balls to walk around NYC or NJ with that showing …. If he does we would welcome him with the appropriate greeting

  • shelly

    This is a very rude pic but the site is called wtf tattoos so just dont come here if u are going to get offended. I agree we should get over 9/11 I mean the families of victims should still have memorials for the deceased but I just hate having to see this tragedy over again every year on tv. It happens all the time in other countries just pray to god and move on. I just personally hate being reminded every single year. Its enough.

  • tonja

    what it all boils down to is… it’s their body, they can do what they want to it. but most likely they will regret it in the long run.

  • Courtney

    A waste of ink and talent on the piece of $hit who asked for this tattoo!!!

  • marcie Pagliaro


  • Rick


  • Kate

    That is sick not funny @ all.

  • Heather

    i agree this is a pretty bad tattoo but theres another one on this site thats equally offensive. it a tat of a guy ass raping a baby. now thats just effed up

  • Morgana

    Ok excuse me…….comment #67…….are you shitting me?! I thought this was the most offensive, thoughtless, disgusting attempt to punch every person who views it in the face but if what you say is true…some people do not deserve to draw breath.

  • Hisagii

    Lol,funniest shit I have ever seen.I’m pretty sure most americans saying shit about this post.Would be laughing a ton if it wasn’t about their country.The guy who came up with this tattoo is a comedic genious.

  • hammy

    @ bymrwhyte …not all americans are fat and lazy…&.we love america…thats y we are so patriotic…we are a free country…yes that stuff happens all over the world..but not usually that bad in america…and not everyone makes fun of other countrys…i dont.i am a very hard working ,nice person.if your from another country..u should try coming to america..where it is free…you might like it here..its not as violent as other countrys..

  • shane

    I don’t know why people are being idiots over this. Its not on you no big deal its his decision to get this and it is on a site called wtf tattoos. The caption even says most offensive tattoo ever your all morons for feeding into this guy who got the tattoo just so people can so him some attention. Be a real man and say nothing

  • SupremeChii

    You know. I am a proud American. My best friend lost her Uncle on 9/11

    And I still laughed at this.

  • john evans

    i think it is funny as hell

  • The Hitman

    I have NO idea why noone would even consider it being on a terroists body ???????
    Then it gives meaning.
    Else i dont understand all the fuss, since this IS WTFtatts…….. I agree with those saying this is where it should be.

    And last i checked its a free world, tho sick and twisted bit still up to people what they want on their own body…

  • sabby

    I’m sorry… This was freaken hilarious and made me laugh for a good 5 minutes. No offense, but with the amount of Nazi and Hiroshima jokes out there this was totally deserved.

  • KDW


    Our country isn’t as violent as other countries? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Did you know in Cali, they’re letting out over 4 thousand inmates because they don’t have enough space or money to fund the prisons? Our country is so violent we don’t have enough room to hold everybody.
    I laughed at this, I’ll admit. It’s sad to think about, but it is pretty clever. I’ve seen and heard very disturbing, racist, sexist, twisted jokes and I can find myself laughing if there’s some clever originality to them.
    Basically, loosen up people. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be this guys friend or anything if he was willing to get that tattooed on him, but making useless threats over the internet and RAGING at your computer desk is really….really stupid.

  • Shyla

    Morally gross and even worse, the tattoo is talentless. Yuck!!!

  • tat2artist

    anyone who says boycott because they are looking at a site called wtf tattoos and cant handle what they see are retards yes the tattoo is offensive so what? why didnt you boycott CNN when they showed the trade centers being attacked? whether you like it or not this is a media site bringing you media specific media at that….hence the name grow up people go look at if u cant handle vulgar things IDIOTS

  • Reggie

    Get over it and lighten up, you useless American cunts.

  • NmdcOne

    @The Hitman…nope, don’t think it could be a Terrorist, cuz wouldn’t tatts be against their faith?

    and yeah…that’s pretty stupid to come to a website called WTFTattoos, look at a post titled “Possibly the most offensive tattoo ever”…and get offended and want to boycott…

    maybe you should boycott…and never come back, cuz obviously you can’t handle the site

  • osama bin laden

    my work is done its a nice tatoo

  • Mandy

    wow. this is soo f’d up. can’t believe someone would tatoo this and let alone a tattoo artist agree to it. i guess it wasn’t a good tattoo artist either bc all the ones i know would turn this idiot away.

  • xBatxx

    What does this even MEAN? There HAD to have been a reason why it was done o.O What a waste of perfectly good tattoo ink

  • http://WTFtattoos canadain guy

    what happend to freedom of speech everyon is fighting for ? land of the free?

  • mike


  • Thomas

    Stop being so patriotic , if this was a picture of any other country with a joke about something tragic you guys would love it and think it’s funny… but oh no…it’s america….no u cant make jokes about :’(

    God i understand why people take such tattoos now :P

  • Kristol

    My 1st thought was also, what kind of artist would even do something like that. But the work speaks for itself. A horrible one!! I have family and friends that are artist, and if someone walked in their shop wanting something like that put on their body the only thing they would leave with would be an ass whoopin.



  • Craig

    The first time in months I check out the site (or any three ring blog for that matter) and I see this??? I’m done…enjoy having one less person visiting your sites.

  • fing

    I find it kinda funny.

  • Mög

    i just want to point out the irony in what i am reading. you have the “patriotic” folks saying they hate this guy and want to kill him, and shmae to the artist for doing it.OH and how theres a lack of respect. they want the pic takin off the site. then there is the “this is funny” crowd, who say this is funny. Now if i may, i would like to say that i think 9/11 was a tragedy. i also think america needs to get over it..i’m gonna point out that I am american and i think this is blown out of proportion. and to all the patriots on here, you scream about respect, however you are showing this guy no respect to do what he wants with HIS body…its not like YOU have the tat. tragedys happen all over the world, and yet america is so self centered..get over it. and i would like to say that i actually don’t think its in good taste to have this tattoo, but i don’t care because it’s not on me

  • armymedic

    to the piece of shit that got this i hope u rot in hell u f-ing douche bag RIP 9-11 VICTIMS AND THE HEROES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES TRYING TO SAVE THE ONES INSIDE AND THE HEROES ON FLIGHT 97

  • Jgaup

    All of you who say you want to kill and spread hate over this tattoo ate ignorant. I love my country and don’t agree with this. If you idiots saw a picture of an insurgent (if half of you jingoistic morons know what that is) being blown up you would cheer. I love America because people are allowed to get ignorant and offensive tattoos and do shot like that. It’s our first amendment right!

  • adam

    this is horribe. if someone came into my shop and wanted this as a tat i would have to refuse service and i dont care if you all will hate me for it. i have that right to refuse doing a tat like this

  • Shannon

    Completely disrespectful!! This should be removed. What kind of tattoo artist would actually do this? I lost many friends and a few relatives in 9/11, and many people gave their lives to help the victims. Not something to joke about.

  • chris

    This guy should have his head shuved up the tatoo “artist’s ass. Set them both on fire and throw them out of a moving bus in front of a convoy of US armed servicemen. I am not easily offended by much of anything but this is so disturbing that I had to say something. I also fault this site for promoting this man’s message by leaving the picture up and thus giving him the forum he was looking for with his message of hate. Maybe you should be in front if that convoy too.

  • Danielle

    you are a horrible human being. obviously u were not near NYC on that day. you are heartless.

  • Maureen

    please take this down….doesnt deserve the attention. Shame on you for even posting this….you should have not even given it the time of day

  • http://faggot This is the best tat ever


  • Robert

    First off look at the artwork. Whomever did this tat is a sucky artist at best so I am thinking it was done by an amateur heroin addicted “Tattoo artist wannabe” who needed a couple bucks to buy more dope. That being said he probably did it in trade for his equally heroin addicted buddy who traded him drugs for the tat. That is the only logical reason for this ink abomination. The person who did this tat is no artist at all.

  • SiN

    You’ll be back they always come back :)

  • Aaron

    Are we NEVER going to move on from 9-11. Yes it was awful, yes many people died (from ALL nations by the way, not just America) and yes it was a real tragedy. But we cope and learn to laugh at tragedy and heal in all kinds of ways. Maybe this crossed the line, but I chuckled a little bit. I get the humour.

  • Aaron

    Also…what the hell is wrong with you people? The site is WTF tattoos and you come here expecting to what….NOT be offended by what you see? I don’t think the person who runs this website gives a SHIT if you never come back. I certainly don’t.

  • Danny

    I would love to find the person with this and the dumb ass that did it I would hang them by there balls and let every one of my bother firefighters have at them

  • ej

    @bob, post #55…You moron! You absolute turd! Ignorant waste, pathetic lifeform. Where’s your head?! Oh, and you didn’t put a space after the 1st sentence, nor a question mark after the 2nd, because it is a question. Don’t you check it before you post?!


  • Dave

    this guy should jump himself!

  • ashlee

    I wouldn’t give the mindless ignorant prick who did this thing the title of artist, he’s prob a 30 year old man having a love affair with fatcakes and ding dongs and lives in his paretns basements, this is what happens when two mistakes meet in life.

  • Tiger

    yes, horrible event. But there’s always a bit of humor to everything. I don’t agree with the person who got it, nor the artist who did it, but if you don’t like it don’t look at it. Simple as that. Sheesh!

  • lawl

    Aaron! You give me hope for humanity! There are still people with an IQ above ten! You are so rare, though. =( Please, please (for the love of all that is worthwhile in this species) breed, so that maybe your fine intelligence will continue on in this world full of absolute morons.

  • dude

    this is so wrong but made me laugh so bad

  • harley

    my uncle died that day ass a cop trying to help yes this is not right that some1 tated this on their body but u cant wish some1 dead if u dont know them and what they have go through

  • http://wtftattooes harley

    this tat was hard to look at because my uncle died that day as a cop but u cant wish someone dead for what they put on their body hate is a hard word and hurts people that is why america got attacked

  • Maria

    This sick bastard should be put on top of a building and thrown into a hot huge pot of burning oil. To the artist that sis the tat
    you probably don’t give a f–k about anything but yourself you are a selfish bastard.

  • Juleee

    Those saying ‘get over it’, ‘it was 10 years ago’ and so on must be what, under 20 and don’t remember it? Until you watch 2 towers full of people- everyday ordinary people who’s only mistake was going to work that day- collapse then you don’t understand. Of course what can we expect from a generation that thinks Blackhawk Down is just a video game, not a horrific military incident where U.S. soldiers were murdered and their bodies dragged through the streets of the hellhole they went to help.

  • Anonymous

    The reason this is funny is because it happened ten years ago, and people are STILL scared shitless and get all butthurt over it, so take a step back and laugh at you self, your fear, your anger, take a second to realize how important this image actually is… because, haven’t you heard the saying “get bit by a snake, and your afraid of a length of rope for ten years.” pretty much the same case here, just in the form of people wearing shemaghs and air-port security.

  • Alex

    this tattoo is highly disrespect full both this ass hole andf the artist should be punched in the face as a volleenteer firefighter this just pissed me off a lot of innoccent men and women lost there lifes that day while other MY brothers and sister in the fire ems and police service laid there lifes down to protect and save those people and as a fire fighter who risks my life on every call i think this is the worst tattoo on this entire site and i hope the guy regrets getting this done and the artist should lose his license just for doing it

  • Thaguf

    While it is sick this site is called WTF Tattoo. Dont come to an offensive tattoo site if you aren’t expecting to see the worst. If they didn’t post it someone else would.

  • mrwhyte

    @EMM Hey douchebag trust me I have never been to your country and would never want to. The problem is is your culture is everywhere and there is no way to ignore you other than going to the middle of no where with nothing but a tree. Go shove your head back up your ass where it belongs.

  • JustOneMan

    If this tatt offends you, it should. If it doesn’t, fine,but I hope that you or one you do care about never needs a fireman that cant reach them. Now with that said, this is America. The home of the FREE and BRAVE. That man is free to have the tatt and this site is free to show it, but if i ever see the guy I’ll feel free to whoop his ass. Good day and God bless

  • Captain E/MO

    Oh yeah, the precious irony of “freedom lovers” demanding to have an image removed from a site that they visited of their own volition. These are the same people that think MENSA is brand of cracker.

  • Kari

    Someone needs to stab that guy.

  • Hungry Trolls

    DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!! (re: mrwhyte and the others who are trying to get a rise out of Americans; They are either self-loathing cretins or simply too stupid to know any better!)

    And, to those saying that it’s time to “Get over it,” — Are the Jews “over” the Holocaust? Are the Haitians “over” the earthquake? Are the Israelis and the Palestinians “over” their little feud? Come on, how can someone with an ounce of sense make a comment like that? ………I guess that explains it!

    And, that’s about all the munchies you trolls will get from me…pathetic!

  • sasiski

    Haha great idea for tat! I have similar one

  • Chuck Taylor

    Really? There so many Trolls on this planet….even the ones running this site. REALLY? If I said what I really want to I would be banned and maybe even put in jail….simply pathetic….

  • Mitch

    Hilarious! Awesome! I love it!

  • Lil miss

    AWEFUL!!! I see everyone points except you idiots whom im sure live in the US and think this is ok…or that this could EVER be called art! How dare you disrespect OUR soldiers that fight not only for my freedom but for yours as well! Oh and heres an idea since its sooo funny and us loyal americans should just “get over” the fact that people that we loved and were dear to us lost their lives that day for no reason other than the fact they were at the wrong place at the wrong time…you go over sea and put your life on the line cause apparently ur not worthy to have rights to be free please do us loyal Americans a favor GO GET SHOT!!!

  • CoCo

    I get why they think it would be funny, but its not, this is for comments, not debates. I’m only here because I’m bored and the only other thing to do is pick my nose…

  • Shauna

    There is a special place in hell for people like this.

  • Kristen

    LMFAO THAT’S THE BEST TATTOO I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • genreslur

    It may be useful to understand that, if you’re not american, and well-versed in the 70+ years of usa-sanctioned terrorism around the globe, this is pretty funny. Both the stupid tattoo as well as the faux moral indignation in the comment thread. Of course many people who had some actual connection to deaths in the explosions may be saddened by the macabre humour, but given the amount of hate-talk I have to hear or read by americans about people who are straight murdered by american troopies (IE Nicaraguans, Chileans, Serb-Croats, Guatemalans, Afghans, Iraqi, et cetera), this tattoo does bring to light the relatively low loss of life and historical insignificance of the event. 10,000+ civilians murdered in Afghanistan alone? Come on, get some sense of scale, folks. Just a non-american opinion. Oh yeah, most americans I’ve actually met have been kind, intelligent, and not indicitive of most of the actions of the nation’s governing body. Have a nice day.

  • local seo

    I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

  • kevin

    There’s a place in hell where this person is going. Same with the artists.

  • jeb bush

    haha.god you people are LAME.america is founded on mass genocide.the catholic church as well.the cia has covert black ops smuggling cocaine in and assasinating/meddling with other countries politics.go out to your local corner and see the zombie crack heads (thx cia!!!i don’t care if you’re small town).there is death all around you, your society spawns it en masse then hides behind computer screens acting like you all have souls.go support some fake cause by “liking” it on fb or try studying false 8 year old can see through the official story.and it’s HILARIOUS that at least 50 people on here have less intelligence than that.i think god would laugh at this cause it knows just how stupid we truly are.bunch of impotent americans fighting each other because of their misplaced aggressions.

  • jeb bush the people claiming they knew people lost.yeah…well i haave a dad.and he’s gonna fact he was never there for me anyways, so whatever.had to get over that didn’t i ?? don’t see one of you taking up for the countries we screwed that led to world-wide hatred for us.the thousands we killed, based on flimsy justification.nope.just some losers trying to feel special by attaching themselves to the idea that america’s pain is somehow most important.YOU PEOPLE HAVE NEVER REALLY SUFFERED.pansies.get a life.the terrorists have won cause people like you think speech should be lethally edited.

  • kristina

    wish i could meet this guy.i would kick him and artist in the balls.

  • ohsnap

    This one should be removed. Seriously.

  • killahkam

    love it

  • caligirl

    It truly is a WTF tattoo, no reason to take it off the site.It is in very bad taste. I wonder if this person is even an American, I can’t think of any self respecting American to get such a disrespectful tattoo. All these people saying to get over it need to mind their own business. For those that lost loved ones and for the Americans who were deeply affected by it, it’s not something you just forget about and say, well it was a long time ago, doesn’t matter now. It is still a huge national tragedy for us. We still honor those who died in the Pearl Harbor attack every year, don’t we ? Those of you who don’t care about it anymore have that right, but most Americans won’t forget that day. Ignore the haters, everyone has a right to feel how they do about it.

  • uncle3inch

    its probly been coverd up by now……im shure he got his ass whooped over it a couple times

  • 80mg

    Love this tattoo. I think I’ll get one just like it. Haha.


    I get it its kinda funny

  • dtklamf1977

    this is the coolest thing i have ever seen


    lol gaurenteed canadian tatoo,i couldnt stop laughin. and listen to jeb bush up there, hes speakin truth.

  • Sprinkles

    i think this is hysterical and you all need to get your thumbs out of your asses and understand that offensive humor is a genre in itself and you cant get rid of it. ballsy move on this guys part.

  • NealWV

    That sick f*** to bad he wasn’t on a plane trip that day. Oh well there’s always karma that will come back around.

  • dragonfly

    What moron wold even want a tattoo that offensive??? Is he asking to get beaten to death? By far the biggest idiot on this list and there are way too many of them, but this one takes the cake!!!!!! Your day will come and when you meet your maker I hope you’re prepared!!

  • frankibones

    i personally had a chuckle at this one…do i think its in good taste???NO, but this is america and we have the right to put these types of things on our bodys…no matter how stupid or offensive they might be to other..

  • jawnson

    Yes, this is very offensive, but not the most offensive. A swastika is way more offensive.

  • Ivy Shultz

    what a son of a bitch. if i ever come see anyone with a tattoo like this i will kick the shit out of them.

  • Dave

    I hope this person finds a lump
    Under their armpit the size if a grapefruit.

  • Bob

    I seem to remember another date we were never supposed to forget. December 7th, 1941. Most of the appalled crowd on this site forgot that date. A date far more important than 9/11. In 50 years, likely less, America will have a new and more poignant tragedy to distract us from the paltry 3,000 people that died. Then the self righteous among you will get offended by other people’s lack of respect for that extremely compelling and new calamity. The constitution protects this kind of display and the real heroes in our history died fighting for those freedoms that the lynch mob on this site would like to selectively ignore. The overwhelming desire to infringe on the civil liberties of this individual illustrates that your love of freedom only extends to what you find appropriate. I am so happy that I live in a society where I can exercise my constitutional rights without fear of harm from my government or fellow citizens. Are not you happy to live in that selfsame society?

  • yo ma

    Thats not as bad as the lady that got a battered little girl that had obviously been raped tattooed on and around her pussy

  • curious

    Got a good laugh out of “It’s Raining Men”. Yes,it’s a sick joke. So are para/quadraplegic jokes, mental retardation jokes, and geez a hundred other “insulting to SOMEONE” jokes. There are sick Holocaust jokes that you knee-jerk laugh at before you catch yourself. As several dozen have said before me, this is

  • curious

    Got a good laugh out of “It’s Raining Men”. Yes,it’s a sick joke. So are para/quadraplegic jokes, mental retardation jokes, and geez a hundred other “insulting to SOMEONE” jokes. There are sick Holocaust jokes that you knee-jerk laugh at before you catch yourself. As several dozen have said before me, this is WTFtattoos, and if you aren’t prepared to view unseemly tats, don’t come here. Oh yeah, I also love how many TROLLS have managed to fire up everyone.

  • curious

    p.s. apologies for hitting the wrong key on pc, and posting twice.

  • Revenant

    I know the person who has this tattoo personally. Him and a friend were in a contest to determine who could get the most offensive tattoo.

    After going back and forth with a couple vulgar tattoos, my friend who I will leave un-named got this. While in New York. At a tattoo shop where ground zero could be seen from the front window…

    The owner of the shop came back from his lunch just in time to find the artist bandaging it up. My friend was kicked out of the shop for life and the artist was fired on the spot.

    Upon returning home to Texas to show the person he was having a offensive tattoo competition with, his until friend said something along the lines of ‘This has gotten out of hand. I’m out. You win. You’re a heartless asshole.’

    True story…

  • B

    Revenant, thanks for the background information. At least we have consolation from knowing he will never ever get a job. I don’t get their competition. Tattoos are supposed to be about you. Getting one solely for the reaction it prompts just shows you’re a dipshit with self esteem issues. The guy who inked him is screwed since their work is a reflection of them, and most people chose the artist based on word of mouth.

  • thatguy

    absolutely hilarious.

  • yourboy

    @revenant your full of shit that didnt happen. ive been tattooed by the artist and know the story. and i think its funny as hell

  • michael

    Was it clever.. yes, but I didn’t die laughing. Uhm… It’s jus a stupid tattoo that got him a few laughs… W.e

  • Megan

    Well, I think it’s a hoot.

  • shogz

    funny how people thought the “lolocaust” tattoo was funny where millions of ppl were killed but over 3000 measly people people just go crazy.

  • staplemetoatree

    I am currently drawing my own version of this tattoo. Its the greatest! Death to Americans!!!

  • Spatula Shitty

    I agree, very offensive. You know, it wasn’t just men falling out of those windows that day, hmm’kay? It should really read “It’s Raining People”. I can’t believe how exclusionary this tattoo is.

  • Oneal

    This was the exact reaction they all wanted.. altho at first I thought the text had to do w/ the song till I seen how many comments were left. “Don’t Feed The Trolls!”

  • Sarah

    I’m pretty sure this is a Patton Oswalt joke.

  • mcadoo john

    DEATH TO AMERICANS?!?! For real? Are u that jealous? We live free, have a stable govt, work normal jobs, make money and get to enjoy life ect. (For the most part) I’d be mad to if I came from a country where a toilet is a luxury and your living room floor is made of dirt. Or maybe ur mad cuz u never went to Walmart for one of those rotisserie chickens by the deli. A deli is where they sell meats and cheeses. Go kick ur half flat ball around the old land mines lol. Good luck w that. I’m gonna go watch some TV and order a pizza soon. By the way, its a soccer ball u idiot not a football (because America said so)

  • Magnolia

    It’s not funny. And for those who aren’t from the states saying its funny, you’re just as ethnocentric as the people you’re talking about. It’s sick. Wether it’s here or anywhere else in the world. You can find decent people in every country from afganastan to Zimbabwe but there’s douche bags who don’t have open minds in every country too. You cant just lump a whole nation together. That’s why shit like this happens all over ther world. You bleed the same blood we do. And while ill agree something’s the US does are shady. innocent decent people lost their lives that day and being from NY we won’t forget.

  • haha

    It’s art. Invokes emotion.

  • Beast

    This is funny!!! No question funny as hell!!

    How many of you self-righteous people here know how man minions of people America kills in the past 100 years?? If someone got a tattoo of the Hiroshima atomic bomb killing people and said “danger zone” or something like that ALL of you would be saying how funny and cool and bad ass this tattoo was.

    This tattoo is no difference then any other tattoo. Is it not true; there were a bunch of men raining out of the building on 9/11. People are allowed to put what EVER they want on their body.

    This guy has tons of balls to put something like that on him. I give that dude props and I would shake his hand.

    9/11 is tomorrow so now I get to watch a week of people crying and complaining. Oh boy!!!


  • Ben

    As a proud American, I can only say this:

    You are all a bunch of fake whiny feggets.

  • Larry Cooper

    If I ever find the bastard, I’ll remove it with a my K-Bar . . . and NO anesthesia.

  • Sharon

    Why boycott the site?? You are idiots!! It’s called WTF tattoos for a reason!! You can’t handle images like this than by all means don’t look. How else would we know there is a moron with this tattoo! Personally I am just shocked someone would wear this on his skin. I don’t blame the site.

  • Daniel

    This is hilarious! Get a sense of humor, people!

  • ‘Muricans R Mongs

    Drone Attacks Kill Innocents.
    Korea. Vietnam. Nicaragua. Iraq. Afghanistan.
    How many have become Collateral Damage?
    A lot more than 3,000.
    You live by the sword, so here’s your ‘Collateral Damage?’
    So how to rectify making the SAME stupid foreign policy decisions?
    It’s not by refusing to acknowledge how stoopid you are.
    It’s not by having a woman who thinks Iraq war was over 9/11 run for Vice President.

  • ‘Muricans R Mongs

    It’s not by having a woman who thinks North Korea are the good guys running for Vice President.
    The rest of the world listened with open mouthed horror to the ignorant shit Sarah Palin and many like her in your country say.
    Everyone else could see what an uneducated, prejudiced and narrow minded retard she is, spitting bile and vitriol at ‘Ay-rabs’ and ‘Eye-raqis’ and ‘Eye-ranians’ ask “Are the ‘Muricans for real?”
    She reflects what average Americans think.
    Proving most don’t think. At all. About anything.

  • murphys

    Someone should burn this off with a hot spoon or perhaps take a cheese grater to it. He would be doing him a favour.

  • Jack Goff

    Don’t worry about this tattoo. The person who has it will get beat up or killed for having it, it’s only a matter of time.

  • Bumcakes


  • Bumcakes

    I have a joke for you: what’s funnier than dead Americans? Nothing!

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