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Portrait of NFL player Brett Keisel

This football fan decided to show his passion by getting a gigantic protrait tattoo of his favorite Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end on his arm for everyone to see.

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  • Loki

    well at least it’s a tattoo of a white guy on a white guy. nice work, but still lame….

  • vomit knife

    This guy would probably be happy to give Brett a BJ too.

  • Kate

    Looks like Ryan Dunn.

  • doll face

    really well done, probably one of nicest pieces i’ve seen on this site.

  • Johnny Steeler


  • Johnny Steeler


  • Johnny Steeler

    I love this ‘protrait’

  • dc

    that’s an amazing portrait, I dunno why it’s here.

  • Jenn S

    Keisel is a beast! HERE WE GO STEELERS!

  • Amber M

    This is probably one of the best tattoos I have ever seen. Some lame jerks just don’t understand Steeler Pride! Can we say “jealous?”


    looks good…

  • RobB

    F*ckin AWESOME…

  • kris

    That is the greatest! Love them Steelers!

  • Dave

    great tat, awesome work

  • puckfreak

    It is good work, but what is a protrait? I dont know what it is.

  • Kristin

    The tattoo is awesome the last comment is f**king stupid if you dont know what a portrait is then instead of looking at stuff on random sites you should read a book

  • Really?

    *facepalm. Puckfreak was making fun of the post because it said “…y getting a gigantic protrait tattoo…”. SO they wrote ” but what is a protrait? I dont know what it is.” as in they misspelled portrait and they were making fun of them.
    You should probably use your brain before yelling at people that they are fking stupid and need to read a book….

    and this tattoo is awesome! Go Steelers!!!

  • SteelSpike


  • Lexy24

    Brett Kiesel is my cousin. It’s kinda weird seeing a tattoo of him. But I think it looks great!

  • Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt

    looks like santa claus after visiting the ghetto.

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