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Filed under: Misspelled tattoos

  • pcfriedrich

    That P looks like a product placement logo of some kind. but, does it say “Phamily Lirst”?

    Oh yeah. LIRST!!!!

  • Loki

    is that how they spell “family” in africa? And after all that bitchin’ to go to “White Man” schools, lol.

  • Luke

    It is a F, it is the F from the Blink-182 clothing line “Famous stars and straps”

  • Tim

    Hey Luke If you were correct and it is an F ( which it does not look like to me ) it is still F—ed up as family has no h. I am sure it says Phamily as he believes fat is spelled Phat.

  • mizzle

    Wow bro, that shit permanent….kill yourself

  • http://Facebook Ashley

    Wow! Phuckin idiot! Lmao

  • Jess

    Phantastic lol

  • Shan

    As messed up as the tat is, I am sure it is in reference to dude being a mason…PHA as in Prince Hall Affiliated…and it is a play on works…when you are a member, you are in the PHAmily.

  • Shan

    and I ment to type “play on WORDS”…or “play on letters”

  • caligirl

    It’s supposed to be an F, I used to have a Family sticker on my other car with that F. To me it looks like it’s covering something up so they turned it into a P and tried to make it sound cool. Phail!

  • Jessela

    Maybe his last name is Phamily? & he decided to go the double meaning route… *shrug*

  • Amy

    Maybe Asian, last name Pham?

  • Jalo

    maybe it was supposed to be PHARMACY first – you know, as a robbery reminder?

  • Bob Garcia

    I can deal with the “Phamily” but what is up with the Lirst?

  • Luke

    Hey Tim, I’m not saying its a stupid, messed up, lame tattoo. But if you look up the the clothing line “Famous stars and straps” you will see that the design they use for “F” is that.

  • geezer

    Phucking Muppet…

  • Josie

    I think he meant to say Pharmacy forever, since he’s always there getting meds for STDs.

  • smartaleck

    I wonder if his phamily will pheel sorry phor him if he has it removed? He phorgot that tattoos are phorever.



  • Lukasha

    Reminds me of the Toys-R-Us font

  • Sarah

    Its a play on the name Pham.

  • wrongy wrong

    everyones wrong up there…it is supposed to be spelled Phamily…which is what you are considered in if you are a fan of the band Phish, you are in the Phamily…sorta like grateful dead fans are called dead heads.

  • Laura

    Think it’s supposed to be spelled “Phamily” ~ like they wanted it to be a “phat” tatt or something…but what’s with the “Lirst”?
    That’s NO letter “F”!

  • http://mail cal

    What a phuckwit

  • leelee

    that has got to be the phunniest thing i have ever seen..

  • Amanda

    It reminds me of the “P” for the Philadelphia Phillies

  • longlegslouise


  • Chris

    There is also a drum core, I doubt he belongs to it, called Phanton Regiment and they frequently refer to the whole regiment as the “phamily.”

  • MoMo

    He’s a Phillys phan (Philadelphia phillies) they spell everything in Philly with a ph.

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