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Permanent surprised look

Filed under: Face tattoos

  • Watertender

    If I woke up with the under the covers I would seriously have to think WTF did I get myself into? It would scare me for sure.

  • Mot Deer

    Looks like 2 worms getting ready to rumble.

  • Crazy Lady

    Your Grandma called. She wants her lace curtains back.

  • Tojada

    That just looks dumb. It also looks like a magic marker was used.


    Must be going for Juggalette of the Year !!!!

  • Tub

    Why so serious? Said the clown who pretended to be a tattoo artist

  • AJ


  • Douche Nozzle

    (^-^) – I guess this is what she is trying to look like. ;) :) :D :P

  • bean

    What was the thought process that led to this?

  • Scruff Cardinale

    Uncle Leo?

  • youngchick68

    If you put a blonde wig on her you can see where she is trying to look like Phylis Diller!

  • http://WTFTattoos Marley

    why did she have to screw up the nice cleavage she had going on with the dumbass chest tat?

  • Kelley

    and people want weed to be legal?

  • Mari

    I don’t know what is worse, the crappy eyebrows or the fact she can smile knowing she looks like that

  • http://yahoo barbara

    I have heard that this is a joke-she’s getting permanent makeup because of a medical condition and they did this with a stencil then showed her like “how’s this?”-that’s why she’s grinning.

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