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  1. Brad says:

    Those don’t look like tats. Those look like “I passed out from drinking too much and my friends had some fun with some Sharpies.”

  2. yarp says:

    the one on the left eye looks like balls.

  3. slacker5 says:

    Yeah, looks like magic marker more than an actual tat. Still funny though.

  4. Meth is a helluva drug

  5. Kimmy says:

    If it was meth he wouldn’t have fallen asleep and had his face sharpied…

  6. jayJay says:

    Kimmy after those 4 days of no sleep tweekers pass out hard, you could draw a masterpiece on them without them moving.

  7. Bill Tackett says:

    This guy is real and wanted, this is the story from the local TV station.

    The Xenia Police Department is looking for Mark Ferguson, 24, as a suspect in the abduction of Melissa Johnson, 22, from the Knights Inn at about 7 a.m. Ferguson has an unrelated warrant for failing to register as a sex offender. They may be headed to Vinton County in a 2003 Silver Chevrolet Impala, 4 Door, silver in color, with Ohio Registration number FCD 2201. Anyone with information is asked to call the Xenia Police Department at 372-9901.

  8. Loki says:

    shouldn’t be to hard to spot with that crap all over his face!

  9. the dude says:

    the tats are real !! i sent this photo in ..they are prison tats ..lmao..he is a idiot, he is a relative of a friend of mine ..

  10. maria says:

    put the shrimp in your mouth

  11. MARCUSEME says:

    He-Ho Djingis Khan

  12. heywood jablowmie says:

    Guys like this pantload should be used as an argument FOR eugenics!

  13. scal says:

    just kill yer self…really

  14. Pogorello says:

    He exactly looks like a sheet of paper after a boring lesson at school.

  15. Spydaweb says:

    The lights are on (just) but there is clearly no-one home. [:))]

  16. Jen says:

    Wow! Too bad he’s such a freak cuz he looks like he could almost be attractive otherwise! Lol and I don’t understand what’s above his mouth ??

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