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Permanent glasses 2

A couple more shots of Permanent glasses guy. You can see a pic of him getting the tat done here. What could the motivation for this possibly be?

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  1. Dazzydoo says:

    Silly boy.

  2. Andy says:

    That’s the only way he’s going to look intelligent.

  3. SuperflyTNTdaShizzle says:

    The thing is…what happens when he really has to start wearing glasses…then he’ll look even more ridiculous!

  4. n says:

    what the hell is he thinking?!

  5. DB says:

    Maybe he gets his a** kicked all the time and now he’ll be able to say, hey you wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses…..before he takes another a** whoppin’

  6. vomit knife says:

    Looks like he has about a full body tat, why go for the geek look?

  7. Ron McDonald says:

    SO he plans to work in McDonald’s the rest of his natural life?

  8. MustangGuy says:

    Not sure that even McDonald’s would hire him. Hot Topic…maybe?

  9. Patrick says:

    One simple reason…. he hates his mother

  10. Kendall says:

    That’s disgusting and pointless. This guy is going to be the WTF Tattoos version of PoWM’s Willy the Pimp.

  11. J-Dizzle says:

    It probably hurt more that just going to the doctor and having the doc snip them! Welli guess he needed the birth control REAL BAD

  12. Meh says:

    This has to be possibly one of the worst tattoo ideas the mind can possibly come up with.

  13. Tom says:

    he was payed by ray ban for this stunt

  14. bdjdhg says:


    I think it’s obvious- he’s an idiot!

    I’m already seeing hipsters in their forties covered in crappy tattoos attempting to act like the adults that they will never become… because they’re covered in tattoos.

  15. JB55 says:

    What a tool…. scarier is they can vote

  16. brad says:

    do these retards realize this is FOREVER? its gonna look funny at 80 thats for sure. those glasses are gonna look like saggy tits

  17. Nova says:

    He’s planning ahead. When he gets old he won’t have to worry about glass falling off his sagging face, they will be sagging *with* his face.

  18. Adamant Finn says:

    That girl is seriously cute

  19. Rockinmommy says:


  20. kryn says:

    okay this is just plain stupid.

  21. Totally has sunglasses on his head in the second picture. Just saying.

  22. bman01 says:

    4 eyes are better than 2 haha.

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