WTF Tattoos

Pantera & Slipknot

This guy knows how to party

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  1. John C says:


  2. Jenni W says:

    Is that permanent marker on the left? I think it’s smudged!

  3. duce says:

    whats wronf with supporting ur fav bands seriously?

  4. Liz says:

    And why is this a WTF tattoo?? They are two great bands! Shit….even I have Slipknot tattooed on me!

  5. Dj KuB says:

    Seriously that is lame. I have plenty of bands I love. It doesnt mean go get an ugly cheap ass tattoo of them.

  6. mostpeople says:

    Yyyyyeah, I’m not seeing how these are wtf-tattoos

  7. Jordan says:

    The slipknot tat looks OK, the other looks like alot of line work and no fill. But I agree, this isn’t typical wtf tattoos, now if he had the slipknot logo on his face, I’d get it.

  8. Gynnxe says:

    It looks like sharpie to me. :/

  9. Leah says:

    are they even real? look like permenant marker to me too.

  10. mrwhyte says:

    The slipknot tattoo is fine the wtf is the horrible Pantera tattoo. Wipe off that felt marker and get a real tattie. To all the slipknot fans remember this… The lead singer made Stonesour and they actually hated working together and making metal. The last album was forced. Kinda like that band of pretentious pole smokers in metallica. FYI they stole tons of songs and then had the audacity to go after Napster.

  11. ee says:

    the reason their stupid tattoos is because if i saw my dad walking around with acdc tattoos or the beatles tattooed on his arm i would look at him a little strangely. its cool to like a band but when u start tattooing the name of a group of guys playing songs on your arm then thats starting to get a little creepily obsessive….but thats just me, to each his own

  12. Phendraana says:

    Band tattoos can be cool if they’re done well. I don’t like when people just tattoo the band’s logo on them, that’s uncreative & basically just an advertisement. I have 2 NIN tats, but only actual FANS of the band will have any idea what they mean. One is a song lyric in the 5in font, and the other is a skeletal nautilus shell.

  13. chester wilson says:

    if you dont like it eat my grogans

  14. B-rad says:

    That “S” on the left arm is Sepultura’s Logo…

  15. Damo says:

    not Slipknot, it is Sepultura i think you will find

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