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Or you could have just bought the t-shirt…

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  1. Loki says:


  2. jeffm209 says:

    Advertising worth thousands!
    I bet he didn’t see a penny of it.
    What a dork!

  3. John C says:

    Some day he will have to explain what it means!

  4. Nick Aids says:

    Why didn’t he just get the checkmark tattoo’d on the side of his foot?
    It would of made alot more sense.

  5. Kelly says:

    Whyyyyyyyy would you permanently give free advertising to a company that so doesn’t need it ! ? ,,,,,,,, and scar your body for them ! ? I just so don’t get it ,,,,, and just so won’t ‘ Just Do It ‘

  6. Swagga B Ritz says:

    Ayyy Don’t Diss The Mans Inspirational Tat That’s So Swaagg’ No Lie

  7. Klaus says:


  8. prof. wagstaff says:

    instructions for his boyfriend?

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