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One way to deal with the ex’s name tattoo

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  • Kwake

    1st. this is a whack tattoo. speaking from a tattooists POV

  • Jeremiah

    Yup also as an artist I agree 100%

  • Chrystal

    A good artist would have been able to cover it!

  • Mimi

    Is she in church??

  • jj

    I believe she is in court.

  • dannie rae

    you can not have cell phones in the court rooms. she must be n church

  • JLeasure

    you can have cell phones in court, dont be retarded

  • Cocokrazy

    What does that even say? Non something idk

  • Ed


  • The tattoo guy

    She is clearly not in church or a court room, you can NOT have cell phones in court if they have a camera, if you two were to pay close attention to the dry erase boards in the front she is either in some sort of class or siminar , either way its a poorly done tattoo and in very poor taste, just all around remedial

  • Maverickwife

    She’s in class.. And couldn’t she have something better. Retard.

  • Lady Anne

    At least she cold have pulled her shirt off the *other* shoulder.

  • CrackMan

    Must be a defensive driving or DUI course…anyways, I have all of my ex-girlfriends tattooed over my own body a la Iron maiden’s “Wasting Love” video…

  • Angel

    Wonder what she’s getting over that when she and dude get back together.

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