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One of the most commonly misspelled tattoos

Why the heck do tattoo artists make this same error in the word “strength” so, so often?

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  • Bobbo

    Because instead of paying attention in school, they were busy drawing in their notebooks.

  • Hearse Nurse

    Anyone address what the other tattoo might say? I see either Dacem or Pacem.

  • http://FB Jon

    I wish folks who choose to get inked/pick up an ink gun had the “strenght” to pick up a damn book and learn how read/spell

  • ELF

    So act accordingly. When you go to get a tattoo , make sure YOU know how to spell whatever it is you want, correctly. So you can check your tattoo artist . After all, you’re paying for his/her artistic ability and skill with the needle, not his/her I.Q. Awhile back it was all the rage to get an armband done in Sanscrit. Your “mantra’ or somesuch. Would you expect your tattoo artist to read/spell Sanscrit ? Of course not. You check it out with someone or some source that does, BEFORE you go see the tattooist. Same goes for getting a Japanese “Kanji “. ( i probably misspelled that, sorry, i was never anygood at spelling. That said, I DO KNOW how to use a dictionary to check out something that I’m going to have inked on me permanently.

  • drm

    @ELF sound advice. I once knew a an Asian tattoo artist, whose best friend had been beat up by a guy who strolled into her parlor, wanting a kanji tat. She tatted ,”Baka Gai-jin”, on his arm. Loosely translated, that means, “stupid white man.” None of us had the heart to tell him, because he’s a douche.

  • Becca

    i once had a tattoo artist tell me “hey i put on your skin what you want me to. thats why i ask you if everything is correct and to your liking before i even start to ink” when i asked him about misspellings he told me he will tell the person to look at it again. if they agree its good.. he inks it lol

  • Wes

    Simple stuff really, the tattooist will give you a piece of paper, YOU write what YOU want. HE will ask you to proof read it (laughing to himself knowing full well there is a spelling mistake) and once you agree, generally it will not be gun to skin, it will be drafted out on your skin in pen, again you will be asked to check that everything is to your liking, if you agree to go ahead, that’s what you got.

    If you ever go back with a complaint that the spelling is incorrect, he is guaranteed to pull out the piece of paper from his filing that shows exactly what you agreed to ink.

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