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Offensive Pac & Biggie tattoo

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  1. Ronald says:

    The tattoo is a prefect reflection of the crap “music” they made though.

  2. Philip says:

    Lies! Tupac was amazing…

    … wait. No he wasn’t.

  3. Watertender says:

    looks like Idi Amin on crack!!

  4. cajita-feliz says:

    lol That is by far the best Bill Cosby sweater I’ve ever seen in tattoo form.

  5. mrwhyte says:

    Tupac was actually amazing and quite frankly if you can’t appreciate it go back to your trailer park. He had a huge amount of talent and it was tragically cut short. Ronald and Philip I would say you are too young to know who Tupac was or just so stuck up on whatever trash you listen to to be able to appreciate anything else. I am a huge metalhead, but even I can like Tupac’s music. As for the tattoo it’s a disgusting mess. Maybe if it was done well it would pass, but this is an insult to anyones eyes who sees it.

  6. smauge says:

    MrWhyte – Musical taste is a very personal thing. Some will like Tupac’s music, some won’t. But to say someone is too young or throw personal insults at someone just because they don’t share the same opinion as you is a bit pointless.

    cajita-feliz – Cosby sweater FTW!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Go choke on a dick and die Ronald and Philip. Maybe each others…… Have some respect for the dead

  8. Mwaw says:


  9. El Gallo says:

    Why argue about its offensive? This poor bastard has this tattooed on him… or her. I think the punishment IS the crime in this instance.

  10. El Gallo says:


  11. Ronald says:

    Nothing good about the dead, right Kelly? With that logic Hitler was a great man too 😉

  12. Ronald says:

    Nothing but good things* even

  13. Kelly says:

    Wat eve Ronald. I maybe only 12 but I have more respect for the dead than u. Shame. Go fall off a clift!!
    U r just a hater it is soo sad poor Ronald a sad dead beat :(

  14. Mwaw says:

    U r a dick Ronald

  15. ballz says:

    lol…. I personally think this tat is hilarious. I’m old enough to remember the crap that went down back in the day. Rap was very very gang related. As far as I’m concerned. Pac was just another gang war casualty…

    For those of you too young to know. Pac was deathrow, which made him a blood.

  16. loki says:

    2 typical criminal nogs, used up and killed by their masters. SO???? no big loss.

  17. blueknight1st says:

    how is a tattoo of two zombie”rappers” offensive?

  18. Tucker says:

    @ Kelly “go fall off a Clift”? Stay in school and learn to spell you little troll

  19. Kelly says:

    Ummm….. Tucker I am not a troll i am a cheerleader sooooo……….

  20. Mwaw says:

    Stop hatin

  21. Tiggerzluv says:

    To each their own on music preference and what they want to tattoo on themselves. what good does it do to name call anyone on this site… do you feel better? does it make you feel like a big bad ass??

  22. SoLo says:

    1st of all let me say, I’m a trailerpark kid & I say it pretty Fu**in proudly but that don’t mean u have no taste in music. Pac & BIG were 2 of the greatest in their genre & ANYONE who does not AT LEAST appreciate the contributions both of these legends made has no real understanding of music. Point. Blank. PERIOD. As far as the tattoo, I think this is the most tasteless ink I’ve ever seen. I agree respect the dead, if u were shot 7 times, would you really want someone inking a depiction of your bullet riddled corps on them? There ya go….

  23. SoLo says:

    & by the way Pac was NOT a gang Banger…get your shit right if u gonna talk it….”they wanna know if I claim the clique that I’m hangin with & if I’m down with this bangin shit/well homie IDGAF if u BLOOD OR CUZZ long as ya got love for thugs”-2Pac

  24. Kelly says:

    Thank you SoLo :)

  25. theWretched says:

    I thought this was about tattoos.? I personally think that is a phenomenal tattoo of GG Allin! But why Does Bill Cosby keep burning him with his cigar?

  26. ouisch says:

    Out of everything I’ve seen on this site, THIS tattoo is hardly offensive.

  27. smokee says:

    this tatoo is quite offensive

  28. Jack Goff says:

    What is this shit supposed to be?

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