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Yep, I am definitely never having sex with this chick

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  1. Tim says:

    Maybe some kind of “daddy issues” going on there, but still — no accounting for tastes. Definately someone I would like to sit around and chat with. Clothed.

  2. Big Nasty says:

    That’s pretty disturbing

  3. Tammy says:

    it is not a tattoo it is drawn on

  4. Tammy says:

    to the left of the it you can see the word baby. Many mothers are doing things like that now

  5. cajita-feliz says:

    ..Any mother who would do that is sick.

  6. That’s beyond unacceptable.

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  8. Jenny says:

    Most likely a Japanese girl since there are many Japanese men who would find something like this appealing.

  9. Watertender says:

    Grow in the pubes and it would have a hairy chest!

  10. justanotherhumanbeing says:

    wow, that is just disturbing

  11. amy says:

    Ummm, ok…… Tammy? I think perhaps you MAY be looking at this tattoo the wrong way. Many moms ARE starting to paint or draw what they imagine their kid looks like right now, in the womb. This is NOT that kind of picture. Unfortunately you need to be looking at this in a much MUCH filthier way. This is a tattoo of a little girl/tiny woman. Little girl/tiny woman is drawn so that her bits and pieces line up with the ACTUAL womans’ bits and pieces…. Thus, when the ACTUAL woman is having sex…… (that is as far as I am comfortable taking you. If by this point you don’t know why this is far more terrifying than your average creepy mom drawing her baby on the outside, then I cannot help you.)

  12. Tammy says:

    amy you are the one looking at it in a filthy way. i assumed it was an innocent drawing because she is happy to be pregnant

  13. Tammy says:

    Sorry Amy I read your comment wrong, i guess I should look at it as not being so innocent

  14. Ariana says:

    :O …what kind of sick person would do this?!

  15. Katrina says:

    You have to look at it for what it is worth, the child is crying, her legs spread wide open, fear in the kids eyes, you know that its child rape goin in the mind of the man and woman when the woman has sex…

    seriously bad tattoo man. i give it a 0 for effort

  16. Youralldumb says:

    You people are all idiots. There are a slew of these pictures going around on the internet and THEY ARE ALL OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOPED….

  17. MD says:

    IMO,this tatt is totally inappropriate!!!

  18. LORCO says:

    NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

  19. Low Life says:

    @Youralldumb The fact that you are too dumb to know the difference between your & you’re… I’m not going to bother explaining how stupid you are for thinking this is Photoshop!!

  20. BB says:

    I’m also going to bet that this is on a Japanese women. Their culture is a LOT different than ours, and to us it may indicate child rape, but to them it probably indicates something entirely different.

  21. BG says:

    this is a type of anime called “toddlercon”. google it. sickos over in japan.

  22. Jody says:

    This has me thinking that this poor woman was hurt as a child and this is her way of dealing with it. My heart is breaking

  23. Paula says:

    I think if I were a tattoo artist and someone commissioned this, I’d tell her to go somewhere else…

  24. Subtropic says:

    I would tag that. maybe she will make that same face

  25. Disgusted says:

    I think this is so offensive, I wish WTF Tattoos would take it down. Usually either the tattoos on here are funny, or the stupidity behind them is funny — but this is just disgusting. The fact that there are people who find this amusing makes me sick.

  26. DeepThought says:

    Gotta agree with @Disgusted on this one.

  27. DS says:

    With @Disgusted on this one – once it really “clicked” with me what this was…I almost threw up (I thought I was seeing wrong for a min
    ). I understand different cultures have different views, but this is sick, whoever did the tattoo was sick and whoever would have the nerve to sleep with this chick is sick. And the fact that it looks like the kid is trying to “get away” makes it even worse.

  28. Kel says:

    Unfortunetly this is a disturbing tattoo with good artwork. I hope it is drawn on, but in one word. DISGUSTING

  29. alita says:

    I actually thought it was an anti abortion message.

    Whatever it is, it’s painful.

  30. shari says:

    This sick bitch should not have been allowed to get this tattoo. I know tattoo artists need to make money but this is beyond messed up. Whoever sleeps with her too is messed up.

  31. Bob-O says:

    Everyone involved should be shot including us for looking.

  32. alita says:

    I did check out this toddlercon, and it is depraved, despicable, vile and sick. It’s also full of guys who get extremely defensive when pple critisize it, and refer to them their critics as morons and idiots. Really? Protest (too) much?

  33. Rusty Baker says:

    Yeah, it’s an inappropriate tattoo. Yeah, it’s dumb. Yeah, you could just flip her over onto her stomach and (unless she has a similar tattoo on her back), you can pound away and never have to know the difference.

  34. Mumashik says:

    Japanese women do not get tattoos like this. Only yakuza women get tattoos, and they get very elaborate designs that cover their entire torso (cannot see when wearing a dress). Most public baths in Japan will not permit males or females with tattoos to enter.

  35. dv says:

    I can see where a child molester would love this and considering that white trash love tattoos and molesters then winner winner chicken dinner we have a winner

  36. Carrie says:

    In this case she lose her privileges of ever becoming a mother. To think that the image of a baby being raped is somehow sexy or appealing is a clear sign of serious mental instability. I’m horrified!

  37. Carrie says:

    She SHOULD lose her privileges of ever becoming a mother…

  38. Carriss says:

    “Yep, I am definitely never having sex with this chick”

    Dude, I don’t think that’ll EVER be a problem.

  39. Ally says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. I felt sick to my stomach. Clearly from the art its about child rape. I can’t believe any woman would put this on her stomach. Its not about a girl pregnant drawing it on the outside. If you look at the face and position its about a little girl being raped. I am sickened and disturbed by this. I feel dirty just seeing it.

  40. piratepete says:

    Her boyfriend should be investigated for child molesting, if he can get off looking at this.

  41. heather says:

    this is some of the sickest shit i have ever seen. id like to beat he breaks offa this bitch…just sayin

  42. Mommy says:

    My husband is a tattoo artist. We have 3 children. I don’t care if we had no food in our house, he wouldn’t make money of that. Sickening.

  43. Wat says:

    Most of the pictures on here I chuckle or joke about them. This one is plain disgusting. It is meant to be disturbing and is definitely not innocence in the least like some have stated.What is with people saying japan has a different culture that might include this? A MAJORITY of sane people from anywhere think shit like this is gross. Only a niche of people thing this is okay.

  44. jimbob says:

    I feel so sick at myself for looking at this photo I just gotta go out there and shoot someone else. Preferably a tattoo artist. Or a woman with tattoos. Or a female tattooist with a list of toddlercon clients.

  45. jimbob says:

    Hey, stop picking on us nichers. Some of my best friends are in a niche. You should come around some day and check out our niche..its way cool. We got chee-tohs and everything

  46. sigmund says:

    If real, this tatoo could be her image of herself or how she feels

    I consider it sad and painful

    Try compassion not judgement

  47. Off Color Commentary says:

    Well, I must say it is indeed disturbing. However, I’d be willing to bet that half the people here who have commented so far are Christian. Don’t suppose you’ve ever thought that disgusting crucifix you idiots hang everywhere with a tortured man on a stick ever disturbed you, huh? I understand that this is no innocent work of art, and that it is indeed more than a little out of touch with the general populace, but as others have pointed out this could be a rendition of how this female truly sees herself. If she was harmed or abused as a child, or maybe she prefers that feeling of extreme submissiveness, or maybe she’s just a whack-job, it’s still her body, her choice, and her right. I’m known for saying some pretty offensive sh*t, even a few dead baby jokes here and there, but I don’t think I’d ever quite hit that level of offensive… whether it was intended by this tattoo patron or not.

  48. Martin says:

    Omfg this is disgusting I went to toddlercon.. as a user said above… U SICK MOTHER F*#$*-R… if I ever saw this shit I will kick the crap ouut of someone… this is worse then those Pedro bear memes by far……

  49. Mike from Canmore says:


  50. Wally Wallbanger says:

    To put something like this on your body, especially in a permanent medium like a tattoo, shows that a person has to be really f#cked up in the head. if this chick really feels like this, this chick needs to see a psychiatrist STAT!

  51. truth says:

    the quality of the work is great but the image for the tattoo is disturbing considering where it is placed and the tone it sets. any one who sleeps with this women has either serious mental issues or has sick fantasies of rapping small children imho

  52. Chriss says:

    Maybe she has a pedophile for a Boyfriend or Husband and she’s trying to get him to change, or at least give him an alternative . . .at any rate she was proud enough to take a picture and post it, and that itself is disturbing. I don’t know a lot about the Japanese culture but I bet if I looked it up, some of you would be right about it being a culture thing. I know the grown women dress like little girls and what not, but culture or not the image looks like its fearful and in pain and that is messed up in any culture.

  53. Scratchy says:

    Finally, a tattoo that qualifies as a WTF tattoo.

  54. z says:

    This is perverted and sick.

  55. April says:

    This chick is sick why would you ever get a tattoo that looks like a baby getting raped???

  56. deidara says:

    if you are trying to get in to orochimaru’s pants wrong gender un

  57. BiantheWorm says:


  58. Satine says:

    Damn, this is WRONG on so many levels :( F**** retards

  59. Banshee says:

    She’s just hoping to bang pedobear. This is really gross. Some people need help. She needs to imagine this tattoo when she’s in her 70’s. In fact I don’t even want to imagine it. It’s stupid and sick.

  60. Rape says:

    Have you thought that it might be a result of rape and that it’s a deterrent from ever having sex with another man again?

  61. bob says:

    if this is cartoon person is a baby , why does it have tattoos?

  62. flow says:

    I’ve checked the toddlercon word/pages and now it makes me a little less sad when i think about the atomic bomb drops in 1945.

  63. Why y’all trippin…i ;like it!!

  64. PoopOnWallArt says:

    My god. How disturbing. Maybe she wants to make sure she never has sex. Hopefully.

  65. MiKE says:

    Id hit it 10x a day you people are taking it way to serious.

  66. None of your business says:


  67. None of your business says:

    To Mike: Then you are sick too if you think this tattoo is appropriate.

  68. lills says:

    Whatever the reason…just NO!

  69. Raymond says:

    Wow.. this a crazy tattoo… It probably makes daddy very happy of her slutty princess.. she’s got a nice body, from what I can see why would she ruin it , with his terrible mistake of a tattoo… What artist in there right mind would create this??

  70. redski1960 says:

    It’s just plain obvious this bitch been hanging around the wrong crowd for a very long time!

  71. Itellitlikeitis says:

    Wow, i wouldnt doubt she`s on the megans law website, that is the sickest thing i literally EVER seen!. your one sick bitch! uuughh

  72. TwoTone says:

    Personally, I think it’s flippin’ funny. You all take it way too seriously. I don’t know why it offends you so much. Is child molestation wrong? Absolutely. I do not condone it in any way. But I still see this as the joke it is and laughed aloud for a solid ten seconds about it.

  73. Vic says:

    Like in many other forms of art, I find the line between art and kiddy porn often gets pretty blured at times…
    This is one of them.

  74. babylovedoll says:

    love it

  75. SkDiver says:

    pussy looks very small .. art is kind sick but i still hit it

  76. Shooped says:

    Sorry to burst a bunch of bubbles…but this is a pretty decently photoshopped picture.
    While I agree that this material would be tasteless, all of you should put down your pitchforks and torches…because this is obviously ‘shopped.
    Look at the light reflection/shadow combination around the navel. It’s all angular and shit.
    Someone with a weird sense of humor (internetz, lol) probably did this up in about 20 minutes.

  77. Turtle says:

    I’d hit it… I think that’d be a kinky to see both them faces when I’m plowing her hard.

  78. sonsam says:

    I’m picturing myself pulling down a girls pants and then seeing this! Sick, even if its a joke.

  79. dk says:

    I wish I could take back ever have seeing this. I don’t care what reason anyone is trying to justify this with. It is a child..with a child’s chest, with a distraught face, in a position that only insinuates one thing. Don’t tell me “oh she may have been messed with, etc”……many of us have been sexually abused. Noone I know would ever, ever do such a thing, ESP the ones I know who’ve been abused. That’s like saying “he molested someone? Oh..well don’t judge him..he may have been molested, too..” People know right from wrong. This is as twisted as it could be. I have a four year old daughter. maybe that’s why I find ZERO humor in it. This is such a sick, twisted world we live in!

  80. Pip says:

    Hey my name is sanity and I was killed by my mum and if you don’t post this on 20 more comments you will die and if you don’t believe me google it. Sanity 27. And us you ignore it your mum will die in 20 days

  81. monkey says:

    The people saying they would not bang because of the tat are full of it. If she wore a thong and seduced you then you saw the tat…you aren’t gonna walk away. As if you have to stare directly at the tatoo anyway. Yeah when I am with a chick with tats all my attention is on the details of the tattoos.

  82. dia3766 says:

    that is just trashy

  83. wtf says:

    This is probably the single most offensive thing I have ever seen in my life and I live in Hollyweird.

  84. wtf says:

    It is kind of uplifting to see how many of you so-called “trolls” who are usually so cruel with your comments on this site actually having normal human revulsion at this disgusting display.

    This woman is a walking advertisement for compassionate euthanasia. Her, the tattoo artist, whoever damaged her enough to choose this, her potentially vulnerable children… what if she already HAS children? The whole lot should be put down like diseased animals because they are.

  85. Chewy says:

    I’m not “horrified” like some people seem to be because it is just a tattoo and isn’t real (it’s a cartoon, learn the difference between them and real life, keyboard warriors) but you have to admit, it is in really horrible taste.

    That being said, I wouldn’t turn her down. I’d just feel really horrible afterward.

  86. TIFF says:


  87. Kevin says:

    I don’t know what to say to apparently 75 morons (and 6 antagonists)

    It is about birth NOT rape or pedophilia you bunch of sheep.

  88. Stabby says:

    To ‘Flow’ and everyone else bashing Japan and Japanese culture on here – Live there before making judgments. There are sick people there just as there are sick people in America – it is NOT a cultural thing, it is an individual thing. Would you advocate bombing the U.S because of the existence of NAMBLA?

    Don’t be so ignorant.

  89. Whatever says:

    I don’t think there’s anything “cultural” about pedopholia.

  90. Malice Alice says:

    This made me cry. To picture this happening to a little girl (especially if it were my daughter) makes me sick, that’s what this tattoo does to me.

  91. southlady says:

    are you serious. THIS IS SICK! beyond sick. obviously she has serious issues, along with any man who F****s her. What about her future, or present, children? Does she really think this is acceptable? i dont care what country or culture you come from. THIS IS NOT OK!

  92. Rainer says:

    Most of the people here should really, close the browser, shutdown your computer and sell it, you are looking at a websites for tattoo’s that you won’t normally get. What did you think you would find? Ponies and Rainbows?

    I like this Tattoo because it is Original, A great work of art.

  93. Turn her over,
    Make her bark,
    No problem!

  94. Reason says:

    I think it’s really a guy with his (package) tucked away!!!

  95. Reason says:

    I think that this is really a guy with his “package” tucked down and around!!!! The underwear look padded.

  96. Kink says:

    Super sexy is it werid that this is making me hard

  97. jesijames says:

    That is the sickest, most vile shit I have ever seen in my life.

  98. This girls mom says:

    Don’t worry guys. Dad and I put her down.

  99. Kaleigh says:

    she has a great sense of humor, I would love to hang out with this chik

  100. Brittany says:

    I think this tattoo is of herself as a little girl, perhaps she was raped/molested as a young girl and this was her way of coming to terms with it? I’m not sure but it seems that it’s possible that is what happened. Or maybe to bring awareness of molestation/rape of young girls to those who she has sex with or shows her body to. That’s my guess. Personally I would never get a tattoo like that but I can sort of see her twisted reasing behind getting that ink on her body there. :(

  101. determined14 says:

    this is the most horrible tattoo ever. It is disgusting. Vile. Something is seriously f’d up with this chick and any guy who goes there.

  102. NateFate says:

    All of you close minded judgmental people. I personally respect this tattoo and find it beautiful, not to mention quite attractive. You all should learn to have your opinion without judging others choices, for you know not the reasoning behind them.

  103. pepe says:

    could be that the owner of this is single raising a daughter looking for a new partner…

  104. Dilupa says:

    does not seem to be a tattoo. However I don’t wanna see such a thing!!! 😀

  105. elizabeththeprincess says:

    Omg….seriously sickening. Imagine for a second she gets intimate throws her pants down…imagine the guys face???blue balls for him!! I think this has happened to her..very sad and disturbing to say the least!

  106. kayla says:

    this has nothing to do with Japanese people…damn lol…i dont think they would appreciate this tatoo either….

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