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Nevermind the pancakes on my head

Filed under: Portraits

  • Kwake

    Simple art rules should be common knowledge for a Tattoo Artist.

  • trav

    To think they thought it looked good srawn on befor the idiot inked him

  • buttons

    …And nevermind that my baby is just as wrinkled as I am and we both look like we are 80.

  • bitch

    Grandma shops at Aeropastale

  • Alisha

    I got Pancakes on my head, but don’t call me a pancake head.

  • Netjnke

    Are those boobs on his head?

  • kate

    Wtf is that an ass on her head?

  • Netjnke

    Sorry … I guess it’s a tat of a woman. Couldn’t tell

  • Kristi

    I think it’s supposed to be a guy n that’s supposed to be his hat. LMFAO. This is why you don’t have random tattooists do portraits on your body!!!!!

  • pcfriedrich

    He got the lettering pretty good. Of course, If I were getting that tattooed on me; a) I’d find the best tattoo artist in the country, and b) I’d ask that he not make it a “product placement”; a plain tshirt would do just fine.

    I’d never get a portrait tattoo, anyway, not in a million years. i have one tattoo and that is enough regret for one lifetime. The things we do when we are young, drunk and stoned…

  • Bree

    Holy crap that baby is ugly! What the heck happened there?

  • Meaty

    The whitest of trash

  • bazinga

    That is what happens when you do a late-term abortion

  • BigRonTN

    This reminds me of that old horror flick “It’s Alive”

  • Missy

    Looks like somebody put thier balls on his/her head. No pun intended,

  • Netjnke

    It must have been a water-birth … and the baby got all wrinkly

  • AlfaCowboy

    “Make sure you give me big floppy jowls. I want the silly putty jawline of an 80-year-old woman. And an Aeropostale shirt. Yeah, that’s the business. I want to look like a pop culture Baba Yaga getting ready to devour someone’s firstborn.”

  • Whatever

    AWWWWW. The baby is BENJAMIN BUTTON!!!

  • drjeck

    Reminds me of that Brad Pitt movie where he grows up in reverse..On the tat the baby looks like he is 100 of course

  • K

    Why does the old lady have 2 Nilla wafers on
    her head?

  • None

    The baby has a friggin ear on its cheek. Oh and the old dude holding it has someone taking a dump on his head.

  • joey

    looks like a big nut sack on top of his head!

  • jdwoods


  • Samilee

    It’s like that In Living Color skit from back in the day. He looks like one of the “Buttmans”….LOL

  • jeffy

    is there a ihop around?? Holy shit, got the sudden urge for some pancakes..

  • Suzzann Giefer

    That baby is creepy and old looking!

  • Kevin

    Her head looks like a muffin…

  • Demetious

    done at puddy tatts house of ink in sullivan indiana
    812 268 ptat artist(lol) ramie bownie

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