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My uzi weighs a ton

Sent in by Chad. Here’s the story we got with this one:

“This guys facebook is full of shit like this. He has a dollar sign, he has “420”, his knuckles had “f-u-c-k” on them but he kept getting kicked out of class so he got another shitty design over it. This little gem though, on the picture, his (now ex) girlfriend was bitching at him about how he decided to get this instead of her name. Since then he has his ex girlfriends name on his neck, another ex’s name across his chest (with nautica stars), and his cousin’s name (for some reason). “

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  1. Watertender says:

    It looks more like a MAC-10 than an Uzi but it’s still a lousy tattoo.

  2. Bob the LumberJack says:

    He will be popular in prison!

  3. Nancy says:

    He’s going to regret all of that one day, especially with his future girlfriends….and yes, he will be very popular in prison if he ever gets into trouble!

  4. Brad says:

    A Mac 10? Looks like a hot glue gun. He’ll be bedazzling his new boy friends name on his own ass when he is doing 30 to life in pelican bay. Fwd to

  5. Hammered says:

    looks like a pistol designed by Charles Schulz.

  6. dirtydave says:

    happiness is a warm gun @ hammered

  7. wtf says:

    “(for some reason)” I’m gonna go with sniffing paint, smoking crack… seriously, this guy gets girlfriends? What chicks go for this? Anything with a built-in pussy can catch a better man that.

  8. Steve says:

    It looks as if he drew that himself while high on paint fumes.

  9. Jack Goff says:

    Looks like a nail gun or glue gun like Brad said.

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