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Filed under: Face tattoos

  • Viker

    Stan Laurel with an Uzi. Beware of face tattoos.

  • Elizadeath

    I wonder if he is one of those ‘juggulos’, since his face looks like a methed-out clown. Well, I guess he will either sell drugs or live on welfare with his baby mama, that’s about his only options. This is what we like to refer to as white trash!

  • bunny

    lol i submitted this dude. his earliest release date is 2028. he shot an old man.

  • vomit knife

    Release date 2028? He’ll be a lot of guy’s bitch by then.

  • CrackMan

    Might gain a few more prison tats in these next 16 years and that may make him look like a brand new man. Hope he at least grows his eyebrows out otherwise it’s 16 yrs of anal punishment…

  • cajita-feliz

    Obviously, he was testing the waters of tattooed hair on his eyebrows for when his hairline recedes completely away.

  • jeffm209

    I wonder if his favorite song is “Tears of a Clown”

  • Nova

    I would ask to be put to death within 24hrs….dude would be soooo fresh meat in the bighouse!!

  • BUTT

    it looks like his eyebrows came out messed up and not matching so he added some more curly things to make it look intentional.

  • Ken

    Why on earth would you be out breaking the law with a head like that? It’s not as though you’d stand out in the lineup afterwards!!

  • APink

    jeffm209, I wondered the same thing when I saw this. LOL

  • scal

    might as well add a moustache

  • james

    Boy George?

  • Queenie

    Poster child for police sketch artists, bet they looooove these one-of-a-kind face tats.

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