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Mother arrested for letting 10-year-old son get tattooed

After seeing the reason behind the tattoo, do you think she deserves the child cruelty charges or not? Sound off in the comments. More stuff like this at

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  1. ringo says:

    i think the person who did iit shoud face the charges, there’s no way they would look at that kid and think “yeah, he’s probably 18″ it may have been REALLY bad judgement for the mom but the artist should know the laws that pertain to their trade

  2. Rebekah says:

    Bad judgement but not child cruelty. He was just copying his mother grieving for the 12 y/o.

  3. Me says:

    I think she should have told him to wait until he was 18 and see if he still wanted it. But as a mother of a 13 year old boy I guess I could understand the sentiment of it.

  4. Loki says:

    negroes, lol. when i got my german shepard she had a small ear tatt. so i guess this is no different? besides he’s darker than the ink, cant even see it. way to go laquesha!!!

  5. Bunny says:

    Damn, that Nigling has issues!
    Needs a good hair cut too…

  6. Missy says:

    What an ignorant cow. Please someone sterilize her before she can breed again.

  7. Kay O. says:

    How can you tell a child no? Easy. You say, “No.” You’re the parent. They’re the child. There’s reasons that children do not have the same rights as adults. Apparently, some adults shouldn’t be awarded those rights either. Shouldn’t the tattoo parlor have also known that it is illegal to tattoo a minor or was this done in someone’s home? If it was done in a home, there could be issues with staph infections and the like. It’s wonderful to want to remember your brother. It’s another thing to mentally make that decision for yourself at 10. I swear, you’re required to have a license to marry… when is the license to procreate going to take effect? Maybe he could’ve gotten a necklace engraved with the same statement until he was an adult himself.

  8. wow... says:

    I understand the child wanting it. He’s 10 years old, he’s old enough to think for himself up to a point. Hell, in other countries they tattoo even younger kids! and please, missy, you’re the one that needs to be sterilized for the disgusting spew that you’re typing.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I don’t see this as being wrong. I think that she should have told him to wait till he was at least 16, but it is not like he has soemthing that is stupid. But that tattoo is going to stretch the hell out by the time he is 18… Than he is going to have to get it touched up.

  10. Tiffany says:

    I understand people being appalled about it but it is not illegal as far as I know…each tattoo artist has a right to say no to the child but if the parent is there and signs that he can get it, then he can get it

  11. Mai says:

    I don’t see a problem with this at all. There are people older than him who get remembrance tattoos, yes hes young, but he if its just a tattoo to in memory of his brother and obviously the kid has put some thought into it for him to even ask his mom such a question, then why not let him have it. The mother should not be arrested for this at all. Its not child cruelty. Why? Child cruelty is abusing your child with pain and suffering over and over last time i check this does not fall into that category

  12. Teri says:

    the laws r different in every state and yes the artist should know the laws and go by them but i totally understand. i honestly think the kids a sweetheart :)

  13. Christine says:

    Ok, so to be fair. The mother might not have made the best decision on how to let her surviving son express his grief. I don’t believe in letting my kids get tattooed before 18, but honestly in this situation I might even go as far as to say, if you still want it when you are 16, then we can get it done. How about for now we memorialize him in some other way such as a scrapbook, photo collage in a frame, or even share an activity that the boy would have loved. Obviously this woman is not that thoughtful or creative. She really is the only person who can say what her kid should or should not do. We are all charged (as parents) to instill good values upon our children. As a person who has and loves tattoos (in moderation and good taste of course) I have to say that I could NEVER make the call for someone else in this situation. That being said, if she is smart she will keep her mouth shut and not tell who did the artwork. People, realize anyone can get their hands on a tattoo gun and some ink. And that ink didn’t look like quality work if you know what I mean. So the person who did the ink might not be ‘legal’, the mom might know that already and still continue to patronize that persons equipment and abilities. The person who did it might not even know the law regarding tattoos, if it’s just someone tinkering with it as a hobby from home. Seriously, no one was harmed…. can’t the law go and find real criminals instead of putting this woman (who lost a son!) in jail over something this stupid?!?!

  14. Dano says:

    i try Very hard NOT to be Racist, but these Ignorant F!@#k$ make it soooo Damn EZ !!!

  15. Jennie says:

    I think it was wrong. I don’t care what the reason was. She should have told him to wait. at 10 years old his body has was to much growing to do. Also, I don’t think at 10 he has the ability to make a life long decision. I am all for tattoo’s but she should have told him that if he still wanted one when he was 16( if it is legal where she lives) then he can get it.

  16. Zach says:

    I think the mother could have used better judgement and made the child wait until he was atleast 16 or even older. But one of my close friends’ brother died a few years back, and my friend got something in rememberance, tattooed on his back when we were 15. That’s not wrong, that’s remembering loved ones. All of you who patronize this mother should think in her shoes, think about if you had lost a son. She should have waited, but it’s her right as a mother to do what she feels is best for her child. Letting her son remember his brother… Is that so appalling?

  17. Joe says:

    Probably living on government assistance with no support from the kids sperm donor. Money could have been spent better else were.

  18. adecker says:

    If u can sign a release for a child to get a piercing. Then it should be the same for a tat. Yes as parents we are held to what our children do. But in the end if the boy had his mind made up that he is going to get it,we as parents r tomake sure they are safe,, therefor taking him to a parlor so the risk for infecton is lower

  19. Unbelievable says:

    Only people from the trailer park or the ghetto would be so ignorant to do something so insane. If the brother died 2 whole years ago and this kid has waited 2 years, then he can wait longer…..but hey, one day it’ll match the prison tattoos and all fit in together.

  20. Unbelievable says:

    and I wonder if he wanted to have a drink in remembrance of his brother would she have let him swig a 40 too? (that is also illegal if you are under 21). Or maybe he wants to drive a car to the cemetery to visit his brother, would she give him the keys to the car? (umm…you have to be 16 for that one). And maybe one last celebratory smoke, maybe he could puff a pack of cigs in memory (that is also something you must be 18 to do). Wonder if she could say no to any of that? She just couldn’t say no to a tattoo. Just sayin’.

  21. adecker says:

    @unbelievable…. my husband watched his dad die at age 12. He did not grieve or even cry about it till 3yes later. And the commitment about jail…. u must not have kids. I have a 10yr old And a 6yr old And both are boys. I would do anything to stop their pain. And if anyone ever said they were destined to go to jail….I would hurt someone and I would be the one destined for jail.

  22. Ngaire says:

    I’m apalled at the racist remarks on here – there are angels, fools and assholes in every race, shape, size and colour. I think the tattoo artist should have said “come back when you’re 18″ and suggest making a memorial of some other kind to his brother instead. I’m not anti-tattoos (I have one) but I didn’t need to wear the grief I feel for my dead sister on the outside of my body – I wear it on the inside every day. Doesn’t make it any less real that other people can’t see it. I don’t believe this sort of thing should be up to the parents – leave it to an age limit (there are some criminally stupid parents out there), but I hope they go easy on her for this time seeing as the boy was not forced into having it – quite the opposite.

  23. Walter Strickland, Jr. says:

    This is not a black thing, or a white thing, it’s a lack of intelligence. They need prayer, but it’s not a race thing.

  24. Smith0812 says:

    What are you supposed to tell a child? Ummmm…how about NO! A picture in a nice frame would have done the trick. Seriously??!!!

  25. Smith0812 says:

    @Tiffany…you may wish to re-watch the video; they shared clearly the 2010 law that DOES make it illegal…

  26. mrwhyte says:

    I believe this is kinda blown out of proportion especially considering that parents have done far worse and not gone to jail. For example we have the woman who gave her 12 year old botox injections for beauty pageants. That whole thing in itself is far more harmful and should be shut down. Instead they go after someone who should’ve been told no by the tattoo artist. It’s be like a 10 year old going into a porno store, buying some dvd, then the parent gets in trouble for someone not inspecting.

  27. kat says:

    well the kid wanted the tat… and it is her kid… so really if he can go thru the pain let him if he’s sure…he should grow from this because of the loss…=)

  28. Josh says:

    My opinion???…Wrong!!! PERIOD.

  29. Crystal says:

    Hell yeah she should be charged & that tat artist should lose their license..the mother said “what do I say” you say this, “I understand the death of ur brother has been tough for still is..but honey when you turn 18 you can get all the memorial tats you want, but now you jus need to do other things to remember him..we can even draw” i mean anything like that..she said “he’s my child I can allow or do what I want with my child” OK so people that abuse or molest their children we jus won’t care cause they’re their kids..OF COURSE WE CARE..LAWS ARE LAWS..18 IS THE AGE..!!!!!!!

  30. Jami says:

    For the little mindless bigots here I will remind you that it wasn’t that long ago we had some WHITE people on this site who had tattooed all their kids. So it’s not an ethnic thing.

    Also, if you happen to believe in God, you’re committing a Hell worthy sin by expressing such hatred. We’re suppose to love everyone unconditionally no matter what their skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. So basically – shut up and learn to love.

    As for the mom – she should’ve said no, but I can understand. The kid actually saw his brother get hit and killed. Can you imagine how much that’s screwing him up? Poor kid.

  31. K says:

    Wow. I don’t think she should be prosecuted at all. I don’t think that he will ever come to regret his decision to get a tattoo, and the mum was just supporting him in the way that he chose to show his grief. As she said, he didn’t get a tattoo of spongebob. The cruelty changes should not stand. She wasn’t doing anything against his will, and he wasn’t brainwashed. Rape is illegal, no matter how old the person is. But the boy getting a tattoo hurts just as much as an adult getting a tattoo. Good grief. The tattoo artist should have known better, but the mum should certainly not be prosecuted…

  32. Pest says:

    The real crime is that this mouth breather has children at all. At least one of her kids died off…

  33. Jessica says:

    If watching his brother be killed messed him up, getting a tattoo to serve as a daily reminder isn’t going to fix his problems. Is the child likely to forget about his brother if he doesn’t have a tattooed reminder? Fifty or sixty years from now, will he really want or need a constant reminder? If so, it would have been better to spend the money on therapy!

  34. Kate says:

    She should had told him let’s wait until your 18.

  35. Ron says:

    It’s no ones business except theirs. No one has the right to tell these people what they can and can’t do with their own bodies, period. Also, the racist remarks on here are disgusting and the authors should be ashamed of themselves. It is you that truly has the problem.

  36. Wild-Eyed Southern Boy!!!! says:

    Now ya’ll understand that this woman doesn’t even have the knowledge to not do wrong. Yes always the innocent ones. The ACLU, NAACP and Rev. Jesse will be marching to Atlanta to stop this opression on tattooing kids!!!!! I agree wth Missy, she should be sterilized and go get a DAMN Job!!!!

  37. Nancy says:

    It is illegal in the state of GA for anyone under the age of 18 to be tattooed. This child is way too young to understand what exactly he’s getting and the artist should be charged along with the mother.

  38. Phendraana says:

    @Walter Strickland- It’s ironic that you say in the same sentence that this situation is the result of a lack of intelligence, and the solution is prayer. Ignorance does not cure ignorance.

    To all of you saying this is wrong & she deserves charges- I sure hope you haven’t gotten your daughter’s ears pierced before she turned 18. Cause I fail to see how this is any different. The kid wanted to get a tattoo as a memorial, and his mom let him. BFD. It’s not like he wants it just to be cool, or that it’s a spur of the moment impulse & he’s gonna regret getting a tattoo in honor of his DEAD BROTHER later on. Speaking as a tattoo artist and a person who HAS a memorial tattoo, “In memory of” tats are not to remind you of the person you lost, they’re to pay homage to them and provide a small measure of closure.

    And all you racists need to eat a whole bag full of dicks. Big black ones.

  39. becky says:

    growing up the way i did, i had to wait till i was out of my parents house to get tattoos and piercing, because of this i dont think she should have allowed the child to get the tattoo for the simple fact that he is 10 what if he gets sick from it, my bf and i had a discussion about this as well, because the fact that it is legal to have a parent sign for a underage person to get a tattoo the cops are wrong in arresting her. i personally would not allow my child to get a tattoo until they are at least 16 and it has to be something that means something to them, which being that he just lost his brother it is going to be something that he can live with and will mean something to him for the rest of his life. so i guess its the mother and childs choice. its not abuse or cruel because he wanted it done. so more power to you and i hope she sues the cops for wrongful imprisonment.

  40. F the NAACP says:

    DUMB DUMB DUMB Laqiash let Shithead gets a tattooz !

  41. anna lingus says:

    anyone who uses word “axed” instead of “asked” should not be allowed to breed. period.

  42. Sarah says:

    You tell him he has to wait. The artist should have known better. I wanted to get a piercing for my 16th birthday, and my mom suggested a tattoo instead. The artist said I would have to come back when I was 18 because it was against the law. I’m glad I had to wait, because it would look terrible now. Still, I love my tattoos… the ones I got when I was GROWN.

  43. Klaus H. says:

    How do you say no? Easy. like this… “No”
    Secondly, that child is tiny, he isn’t going to stay tiny. What do you think that tattoo will look like after he hits a couple of growth spurts?? WHAT was the artist who did it thinking? Not much I’m guessing.

  44. Jessica says:

    Wow, The level of biggoted ignorance is just appauling. I believe the word i’m searching for is “troll”. Letting your child get a memoral tattoo deserves this kind of rage? I’m just astonished. Well, I have a little bit of World History information for you asshats:

    Egypt: Tattoos children for pride and protection.
    Australia: Children as young as 9 are tattooed AND pierced WITHOUT parental cosent (it’s not illegeal)
    Hispanic Nations: Children (under 18) of two different Spanish backgrounds will get a tattoo showing favor to both sides of their hertiage.

    That is just three off the top of my head. Americans need to grow up and realize just how outdated and ridiculous some of our laws are. You are angry at how this mother allows HER son to grieve for the loss of his brother; Meanwhile thousands of little children are getting raped by adults and getting lost in the shuffle of paperwork on a social worker’s desk. Prioritize.

  45. Nhollywood says:

    I can’t say anything about the Mom, because my Dad let me get a tattoo when I was 14yrs old. I’m 48 now and still am glad I got it.

  46. BGentry says:

    It’s funny how people are comparing piercing to tats. SERIOUSLY?? There’s a GIGANTIC difference. For instance I had snakebite lip piercings on my bottom lip and a tongue piercing as well. I took them out and *poof* there’s nothing that says that I was once pierced. If I’d gotten a huge tattoo on my back (which I am saving for) there’s no easy removal. She needs to learn to tell her kid NO since that’s what a parent is SUPPOSED to do. As a kid you don’t have any perspective longer than tomorrow. As an adult we have experience to know that not everything has to be done now. That kid is still so small and as he gets bigger that tat will stretch and look awful, not a good reminder of his brother. Adults make all sorts of bad decisions in their grief and that child needed an adult to help guide him to better outlets of his own grief, not acquiesce to his every whim.

  47. Melanie says:

    I think this mother is right and diserves to say yes or no.. it is her child.. freedom of expression.. if the child can handle the pain and I belive he had a good reason. he didnt get an ugly tattoo just because.

  48. Melanie says:

    no punishment

  49. Ty says:

    I agree with the few people who have previously stated that what the mother did really wasn’t wrong, but it probably wasn’t in good judgment. Yes, she does have the right to decide what her child can and cannot do, and the tattoo was for something that is very important to the family, which is understandable. However, there are reasons why children are not allowed the same rights as adults. A 10 year old is typically not capable of understanding what a monumental decision it is to get a tattoo due to their continuing developing mind. Sure, this is a tattoo that I can’t really imagine him ever regretting due to its sentimentality, and in the interview the mother pretty much implied that had the tattoo been for something frivolous, she wouldn’t have allowed it.

    I wouldn’t have permitted my own child to do it, and would have suggested waiting, but I understand how the mother could have said yes in this particular situation. What I CANNOT understand is how people on this website respond to this woman as if she has done something absolutely appalling, like beat or neglect her child, or how people can resort to disgusting language and racist comments (or stating that they try to not be racist but OMG THEY JUST MAKE IT SO “EZ”). Simply because you have the anonymity of the internet, that shouldn’t give you the impression that you can be a complete asshole and failure of a human being. You’re the ones that need to grow up.

  50. john says:

    how do you say no to a child , NO pretty easy . dumb dumb dumb. as for the place that did the tat , they should know the laws . they should have also said no

  51. HSwhat says:

    I like when she says “What do I say to him?” Because he is so young, he could grow and it will miss shapen and not look good at all. He won’t miss his brother when he’s 18? Wow. The law is the law. The tattoo artist is more to blame, she is just a simple mother.

  52. miszmasz says:

    i dont understand why almost every other comment has to do with the fact that the women is of african deccent` that is not the main factor of the situation` the point is she should have not allowed her son of 10 to get a tattoo .

    may his brother rest easy tho*

  53. APink says:

    I didn’t think I would see anything worse than the pageant mom who got her daughter botox, but I was wrong.

  54. Phillip says:

    Okay I really dont see anything wrong here. The only thing I see wrong is the state or goverment is trying to tell people how to live their lives. They tell parents to keep their kids under control, like going to school and not breaking the law. Everyday I see children on the news or at any walmart screaming and hitting their parents and just being very rude to other people and nothing is done about it. But what really makes me upset is when people like you all and I cast a JUDGMENT on a parent making a choice for her child. Remember people this is her child and not yours! In stead of talking trash about other people take a good look at your own life and tell other people what a peice of shit you really are. You need to learn respect and stop trying to tell other people how to run their lives when i can look at your comments and tell you that you really need to go back to school and learn how to talk to people…

  55. Phillip says:

    Grow up people, its not your life its her’s. Cast a judgment on yourself and all the bad choices you have made in your life and then come back and watch this video again. And please stop with all this racist bullshit.

  56. The Dean says:

    Her name is Chuntera…

  57. Jen says:

    Honestly, I would have done the same thing. I have two kids, and if something had happened to one of them when they were minors and the surviving sibling wanted this done, I would have reiterated the permanence of the decision, the amount of pain that goes into tattooing, etc. If, after all that, my child still wanted it, I could not deny. I am not ignorant… I’m an educated adult with a higher-than-average IQ. I have tattoos of my own, that I waited a long time to get. This is a different situation, and I’d be hard pressed to say no. I feel for the mother. She should not be charged with cruelty. The tattoo artist, however, did something illegal and unethical in the eyes of the law, and should be charged (unfortunately).

  58. amanda says:

    You would think child services should be more concerned about kids who are being beat or sexualy abused in stead of a boy getting a tatoo… yes i think he is a little young but his moms choice.. should of been a lil older just bad judgement.

  59. Jeni says:

    My grandpa got a tattoo when he was six years old…

    And my personal opinion of this is yes, the boy should have been told to wait until he was older, but I highly doubt that he is ever going to regret this tattoo.

  60. graceann says:

    so it is ok for a mom to take he 6month old child in for ear piercing but not ok for a 10yr old boy to bet a tat? typical govt,put you in jail for letting your child get a tattoo but will bend over backwards to try to keep an abused child with the abusers

  61. momto3pink1blue says:

    as i sit and read through these comments i wonder to myself just how many of you that are bashing this woman, have little boys that have been circ’d. dont get me wrong i have nothing against circ’ing your child, it was a choice you made in what you figured was in the best interest or YOUR child. just as this mother did. only difference i see here is her child was old enough to have a voice in the decision, was yours? and if by some chance this young boy ends up regretting his tattoo,it is an issue that is between his mother and him. further more how does that even effect your life in anyway that gives you the right to say such mean and nasty thing about his mother? get over your selves. no one is perfect, not even you. so get the f off your rotten soap boxes and worry about your own kids.

  62. Gabe says:

    Holy sh!t this isn’t a invitation for racism…… take that to your whitepower websites.

  63. Karyn says:

    Wow people are so ignorant these days. and as far as im concerned this should not be a racial debate. Everyone deals with things in their own way and obviously this child needed some way to deal with his grief. It may have not been the best decision on the mothers part to let him get the tattoo so young but that was her decision not anybody elses. But this was definately not child endangerment or cruelty. she did not make him get the tattoo. he made that decision for himself.

  64. Mark says:

    I’m a little late to this party but the racist comments FLOOR me! The mother is absolutely wrong to let her 10 year old get a tattoo. I hope she and the tattoo artist were punished. It IS illegal. I can’t imagine anyone giving a 10 year old a tattoo.

  65. beledi says:

    Well.. I’m gunna be honest here.. I knew I wanted tattoos at age 5. I knew how sex worked and that I would enjoy it a lot later in life. I had alright parents I guess.. if you don’t count the constant emotional abuse from my alcoholic father. Mom kept me good an innocent as long as she could (as far as she knows).

    I don’t think it is fair to say that a 10 year old has no judgement. I am an example of someone who has always been ahead of my time as far as maturity goes and am still constantly being asked for advice from people older than me. (currently 22 yrs old. graduate of a private college. 2 tattoos. no children).

    I can see how it was bad judgement for the mother to let her son get this tattoo.. but not for the reasons you are thinking. I’m all about tattoo preservation. My only objection is that he will have to re-do it later because it is obviously going to stretch and distort a bit as he grows. Put it this way, her 10 yr old didn’t wander up and say, “Mom I want my favorite cartoon on my arm kuz its cool.” he instead said, “Mom, I’ve been thinking about it and I want a memorial tattoo on my arm like you have for my lost brother.” If it had been the other way around, she would have said no.

    As far as it being illegal, it should have been the person doing the tattoo that got in trouble. This is no case of child cruelty or abuse. Its actually pretty much the opposite. He was not harmed in any way physically, mentally, or emotionally. And as bad as it sounds.. some of the BEST and most well put together people.. have been. I can understand it becoming a child cruelty case if it turns out she has taken him to some shady place and it gets all infected and disgusting. However, currently that doesn’t seem to be the case. (and yes, I understand that it did look like it could have been a tattoo done out of someones house.. but, maybe it was just simple because hes 10 and couldn’t handle the pain the way mom could. etc etc)

  66. tatted mother says:

    For the love of god some of you are a bunch of retarded racist assholes that need to choke on either your words or your own spit. Yeah she proli should have explained that while his heart is in the right place that as he grew the tattoo would stretch and not look as good and that waiting might be best. I got my first tattoo at 17 with my mother standing there laughing at me for falling asleep while I tried to watch the do it. My 6 yr old wants tats but I sat and explained everything to him and he is willing to wait till he is older. If he was hell bent on getting it he would have found a way regardless of what his mom said and so her supervising was proli a good idea don’t u thing

  67. sleepy says:

    That is why there are laws on the books to protect kids from bad parents. This kid is too young and should not be allowed to have tats. You say no and stick by it, this chick wants to be pals with the kids not a parent.

  68. Henry McCarty says:

    Exactly tatted mother. I understand explaining to the kid you need to wait, but the rest of you uptight LAW ABIDING CITIZENS should mind your own business. If it’s not child cruelty the law should mind their own damn business too.

  69. Garnet says:

    Nope, no way should a child be tattooed. She could have purchased a nice silver or gold bracelet, or necklace engraved with anything that could be put onto a tattoo. Then when the child was a legal adult he could have gotten the tattoo if he wanted. Every time you get tattooed, no matter how clean the tattoo parlor is, you risk disease. Hepatitis, MRSA, flesh eating, ect. You simply don’t take that risk with a child, no matter how small the chance is.

  70. Paula says:

    I agree with all the people who said that the kid should have waited until he was bigger because the tat would get all stretched out…of course, the same thing’s liable to happen if you simply gain weight. But child cruelty? When he asked for it? I don’t think so. One of my coworkers announced one Monday that she’d taken her toddler girl to have her ears pierced. “She screamed bloody murder…course it was more from the sound of the gun than the actual piercing,” is what the proud mom said. I see BABIES with pierced ears, and I don’t think that’s right either.

    I do NOT agree with the Garnet’s statement that “no matter how clean the tattoo parlor is” you risk hepatitis, MRSA, etc. I have had four tats and each time I was impressed by the precautions that the artist took to make sure that no contamination would take place: the use of disposable paint cups so that no fluid from clients would get in the paint supply; the breaking of the fresh needle from its sterile packaging in the sight of the client; the frequent cleaning of the skin with hospital type skin cleansers. You probably risk MRSA more if you WORK in a hospital–staph bacteria live there and propagate there, as everyone knows. Hell, you could get a scratch somewhere far, far from a tattoo parlor and get infected.

  71. shaunana says:

    I think it’s the tattooist who is in the wrong, not the mother and the child. What different is it that an American child wanting a tattoo and some 3rd world country sometimes younger then the little boy to have to get their face tattoo before they are accepted in their tribe. Really?! If my 10 year old came to me wanting tattoos and piercings I would say not till you are 16 (being in a state where you can give consent at 16), even then it would be at my discretion on if I approved or not.

  72. Mike says:

    * sigh *

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