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Money bags

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  1. J Dub says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  2. Jordan S. says:

    Quickly, kill it with fire before it spawns a litter of children.

  3. Watertender says:

    I am sure she has swallowed enough potential children to rival the population of China. A paid for Jitbin!

  4. RIKITIKITAT2 says:

    Guess that makes her a 2$ whore !!!

  5. deeznuts says:

    *monkey bags

    i fixed it for you.

  6. vomit knife says:

    Well at least the tats show up better on a high yellow than a real dark one.

  7. nina462 says:

    by putting two lines on the money, it’s a peso. Dollar signs only have one line in them. Fail.

  8. katsi says:

    So lame! So very, very lame!

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