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Miley Cyrus


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  1. joe blohe says:

    Many good life decisions …

  2. Lyzzie says:

    That tongue!! She makes me cringe now.

  3. Anne says:

    It looks like Miley got stung in the right side of her face and her eye is swelling shut. . .

  4. STARR says:

    That’s a really big portrait on his side too bad it doesn’t look like her..

  5. BB says:

    Douchebag on a douchebag. That’s about the gist of it!

  6. loki says:

    so miley got her hair cut even shorter?

  7. BenVincent says:

    Looks like a cross between Miley and Nick Cage.

  8. Stewart says:

    The tongue looks like a penis.

  9. snake says:

    Yeah, it does look she has a dick coming out of her mouth. Maybe she’ll do something like that next time at the awards.

  10. mbul says:

    so this guy will NEVER have A date in his life again. Oh that’s right Miley will want him when she sees this

  11. Missy says:

    Yes, it’s a penis.

  12. murphys says:

    That is so Gay but typical miley fan, y’all

  13. Marti says:

    looks just like her!!!!!!

  14. whytenoise says:

    Seriously I think this guy is gay. What straight guy gets an “M” tramp stamp and the word “Bangerz” on his upper back? Plus you’d have to be to think Miley Cyrus was your hero. I can see angry gay sluts liking her music.

  15. Angel says:

    Looks just like her…so it is a tramp stamp lol

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