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  1. Rafael says:

    Poor Sam, he surely committed suicide

  2. me2756 says:

    Thats a crap cover up job!

  3. Jessica says:

    Is that praying hands holding a dildo?

  4. Loki says:

    blind tattoo artist need work too.

  5. Snake Plissken says:

    Looks more like a butt plug than a dildo. Maybe a fond remememberance of an experience with poor old Sam?

  6. Rob says:

    In memory of a turd?

  7. cajita-feliz says:

    Praying hands… and a … parrot beak… and a potato…

    Sam was a parrot? Or a potato?…

  8. Kervin says:

    Maybe she’s a pirate?

  9. Casie says:

    it’s strange that the hands, ribbon and words have pretty awesome details where you can tell what they are clearly. whatever behind the hands looks ridiculous…i just cannot tell what it is. i agree with whoever it was that said it was a crap cover up job.

  10. bettiegrl says:

    Looks like a coverup of a face… maybe Jesus? Whatever is being covered up, the hand is terrible and there is WAY too much shading going on.

  11. Not only is is a crappy coverup, but check out the fact that memory is misspelled. I believe that is the guist of the post.

  12. vomit knife says:

    I had to look hard to find out who the tat was in “mememory” of. I have never had a tattoo but wouldn’t it be prudent to approve a sketch of it on paper or some other media before the needle ever touches skin?

  13. CrackMan says:

    Those damn stuttering tattoo artists…they gotta go!

  14. darth_hater says:

    The original tatt was a Grinch. And I think I see a fish in there, too.

  15. tastyTator says:

    I think it’s the top half of a crucifix behind praying hands.

  16. Tessah says:

    “The day grandma got her cover up was the same day we found out she started smoking meth again”

  17. toyfox says:

    Looks like an angry Donald Duck was covered up there.

  18. Henry McCarty says:

    Hahahaha the artist stuttered!

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