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Lose your mind

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  1. ElJefe says:

    Does that tattoo say “unemployable”?

  2. DeDe says:


  3. me2756 says:

    am I the only one who thinks it says “Loso Your Mind”?

  4. Not that dumb says:

    That is Def. an unemployable man. What does someone like that think? Like to hear from him how dumb he was felling or is feeling now.

  5. MSBNANA says:

    Not unemployable at Hot Topic.

  6. nevermore1337 says:

    He probably works in a shop….i hope he works in a shop lol

  7. Tammy says:

    I swear the government should step in and control what people are allowed to get

  8. Vaglover says:

    Aren’t there some states that will give disability payments to folks like this who can never find a job?

  9. April says:

    Maybe they’re ”EMO” and constantly wear their hair down over the forehead LMAO.. How stupid do some people have to be in this world though?

  10. NoTatsForMe says:

    Shouldn’t it read “Lost My Mind”?

  11. CrackMan says:

    The tattoo should read “Retard.”

  12. audrey says:

    Literally thought it said “Lose Your Job” at first.

  13. Payingyourwelfare says:

    A job, a wife, privacy in public, give it all up for a stupid slogan.

  14. bedbug says:

    Well at least he’s not a hypocrit.

  15. Sarah says:

    People that do this to themselves should not be eligible for state aid, food stamps, housing vouchers, etc…because they WILLFULLY made themselves unemployable. I mean, really…people?!?!?!

  16. Babs says:

    “Lose Your Mind”? He already Lost it! 😉

  17. Lalas says:

    Lose your mind… on meth!

  18. ninjabritt says:

    Well as someone who knows this guy he does have a good job and does have a normal life… Its still a stupid ida and a lot off people he lnows hates it but he is a good guy that choose a tattoo that will effect his life later on when he wants a career insted of a job but he’s not a retard just young and going to learn the hard way that its was not a good ida

  19. stu says:

    he wont have a job with a suit and tie but he could still swing a hammer in fact his tattoo would make him fit right on in with the construction industry

  20. Nicole says:


  21. alison says:

    unemployable…idiots like this should not qualify for any government aid. You did it to yourself dumbass. Why should I foot the bill?

  22. DVD says:

    It will be particularly cute when he he is bald and has nothing to cover it up with!!

  23. Invisible_Jester89 says:

    “Lose your Mind”? Badtatt owner, you already have.

  24. fdfgf says:

    Wow i hope you dont plan on ever getting a job!!

  25. rodney says:

    i, personally, think it’s cool.

  26. Lady iris says:

    Apparently he lost his mind right before getting this tattoo.

  27. jayme says:

    This could be avoided if tattooers would refuse to do faces!
    Still, crazy people’s money is money so I don’t see that happening.

  28. Jack Goff says:

    I could stare at that $hit for 20 minutes and still not be able to read it.

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