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Instead of getting this relatively small, and very easy to cover-up, tattoo of his ex’s name covered up properly — like with a tattoo of some sort of thing that would cover it — This guy decided to semi-cover it with a giant “slut” stamp. Good choice!

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  • mrwhyte

    Now at best it looks like he is saying he is a slut.

  • RunsWithHorses

    At least it’s spelled right lmao!

  • Netjnke

    Now watch em get back together.

  • Missy

    A perfect example as to why you should NOT have an name inked on you.

  • Jessica

    ‘I act impulsively and do not think through the consequences of my behavior’. Same message, but it would have covered up the Lori tattoo better.

  • jazzy

    I absolutely love it lol

  • silverkitten

    Why do people keep getting the “stamp” fix for ex-loves? It only draws more attention to what you are trying to forget. *sigh* I give up.

  • Loki

    This one I like

  • dominic

    absolutely brilliant, love it….

  • onesmoothfocker

    That should really impress his future girlfriends!

  • csparks1986

    My guy got a VOID stamp over his ex’s name on his wrist. I like this one better, but I don’t think slut would look real good on his wrist. I try to talk people out of tattoo’s of others names. It’s the worst tattoo anyone can get.

  • Luckymonkey

    I got the void stamp 11 years ago! I hate these tats now

  • Stephanie

    The only people you should have tattooed on you are people who have saved your life, immediate family, and/or dead friends or lovers. You should also NEVER get matching tattoos, or get a tattoo done by your future ex!

  • Lynn


  • Katie

    I agree Missy, you should never get someone’s name inked on you. Though I have to say I love this and I think it’s a unique way to get an poor tattoo choice covered up.

  • kyra0says

    Well of course! this way when/if they get back together he can just get “not a” tattooed above it!

  • Jack Goff

    Or maybe a new gf named Lori.

  • peter

    brilliant, funny, i love it!

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