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The circle of life

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  1. Neicy says:

    This is not a wtf tattoo at all. Its not the best quality I’ve ever seen but its still a nice piece

  2. Bobbo says:

    It should read “I need to get a life.”

  3. DD says:

    A very masculine choice!

  4. johnbgood says:

    Any (alleged) adult who has a Disney movie tattooed on his back needs to get more than a life.

  5. Coffee Master says:

    I’m a 46 year old former US Marine war vet in good shape. You should see the enormous Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Snow White montage back piece I have.


  6. Kerri says:

    Psh I have a lion king tattoo.

  7. Nicole says:

    I actually really like it. It would have been better if the lines were perfected and a better artist did it.

  8. Jessi says:

    Whatever!! I have 2 Lion King tattoos, and planing a Disney villain sleeve. Then again I’m a 22 year old female, and I LOVE Disney. But this, this is crap. It’s poorly drawn, the shading is jacked up, and it looks like it was blown up to cover more space than it should. Horrible piece…

  9. Krys says:

    I love it! I am a 27 year old woman and I just got Timone and Pumbaa tattooed on my back under an old tattoo that says Hakuna Matata. I think those people with enough balls to do something like that should get props.

  10. Dollface says:

    This is not a WTF tattoo. Sure, it’s not as good as it could be but overall, Disney tattoos are awesome. I have a pin-up style (tasteful) Ariel on my back which I got when I was 18 and which I still love as much as the day I got it.

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