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Lil Wayne

Why yes, getting a portrait of Lil Wayne on your stomach is a genius idea.

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  1. SilverKitten says:

    Is he supposed to look like a zombie?

  2. FishFillet says:

    Is that the lead singer of Korn?

  3. donna says:

    Maybe a voo-doo thing-What part of the body is that ???

  4. liz Hatchet says:

    Wayne got fat… This is a horrible tattoo.

  5. pcfriedrich says:

    Its the best likeness of that ugly sonofabitch I’ve ever seen. Whoever would get a tattoo of that loser’s face on their skin deserves all the ridicule they get; plus time in jail. and never getting a girl for the rest of their lives.

    Did I mention that rap music is a cancer in our society?

  6. pcfriedrich says:

    did I just call rap “music”? My bad, just woke up. Rap “stealing other peoples samples and claiming them as their own” is a cancer in our society.

  7. captain obvious says says:

    If me and a bunch of my white stoner friends can make rap CD that sell, rap isn’t all that. This tat is horrible too. The tattooer (I wont say artist in this case) need to be banned from purchasing ink.

  8. captain obvious says says:

    I think its a female because of the belly ring, probably tatted by her looser boyfriend.

  9. AndyB says:

    Those red lines look like stretch marks

  10. kix says:

    no guys i think that is actually a tat of woopie goldberg

  11. Ava Ray says:

    More like Lil idiotfor getting this thing

  12. Ava Ray says:

    * More like Lil idiot for getting this thing * 4got the space b4

  13. Babs says:

    That does NOT look like Lil Wayne. :(

  14. gary says:

    Looks like Injun Joe off of Tom and Huck lol

  15. memor obilia says:

    Looks more like Lil’ Jada Pinkett on crack.

  16. Oz says:

    That looks more like Rick James before a relapse

  17. Hamsture says:

    This is the less artistic side of Inception: a crappy tattoo of a guy with crappy tattoos.

  18. Xuchilbara says:

    The “stretch marks” around it’s head are going to have neighbors soon!

  19. CessJet says:

    looks about right..

  20. Huffy says:

    They would have to get it updated every few days to account for his new tats just on his face lol.

  21. Lukestyler says:

    That is Jorge Alexis Gonzalez not Lil Wayne you faggot.

  22. Dagmaar says:

    Ugh ! Looks like lil Wayne’s sister . People probably ask her why she has an ugly crack head woman on her stomach .

  23. huh? says:

    lmao i think it kinda looks like woopie goldberg

  24. Tub says:

    A shrunken head. So cute on her

  25. Jack Goff says:

    Whoopi Goldberg’s decapitated head staring off into space?

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