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  1. quinn says:

    This is a dumb tat, but at least the artwork is done really well. The artist knew what they were doing, even if they couldn’t convince them to go with something less stupid.

  2. drm says:

    Great portrait. Shit subject matter.

  3. Captain Spaulding says:

    The guy is ugly enough in real life. Makes sense to get an ugly tattoo to commemorate the ugliness.

  4. jimmy says:

    In ten years it will be ” who the hell is that suppose to be?”

  5. Snap says:

    a serious waste of talent, amazing portrait of a spoiled, retarded, wannabe gangster…… my question is, when Wayne gets a new face tatt, does this dude just go and get the tattoo tattooed onto the tattoo? if so, that would be kinda cool…… except for the incredibly stupid subject matter of the tattoo…… really thought……. WHY?! why would someone be compelled to get this cretin’s face tattooed on their flesh? WHY????

  6. bonnieblue says:

    Hey, his tattoo has a tattoo!

  7. jack says:

    Did her pimp force her to get that?

  8. Dee says:

    All I can say is at least the tattoo artist is talented.

  9. Katmac says:

    First off , this pic you have of the tattoo is poor quality and doesnt do it justice. You see , i know the person with the tattoo personally and im always amazed at the fine detailed artwork done on this tat. All tattoo artist know that portrait tattoos are a pain , but gabe tucker, who did this piece of artwork nailed it. Your opinions seem to be based on you not liking Lil Wayne, but complimenting the artwork. And by the way , she is complimented on this tattoo everywhere she goes, and it got her in two of his videos. So now WTF!!!

  10. Tablespoon says:

    This particular friend of mine has a (clearly) impressive piece of artwork, of a subject matter she chose. She got EXACTLY what she wanted in a quality unparalled by most, which in my opinion couldn’t possibly be further from ‘WTF’. If you guys spent all of your time criticizing tattoos for the subject matter you’d discriminate against a lot of great artist, and have a bad taste in your mouth always. Working in a studio would prove that quickly!

    Taste in tattoos is obviously subjective, and this pice is a part of an entire leg project comprised by varying rap artists. It’s peculiar to see so many people miss the point. And to the people calling this a “waste of talent” I assure you, he still has plenty more where this came from. Talent isnt like health in a video game, it doesn’t get used up when he does pieces you don’t like. Lol
    I’m pretty sure this is WTF tattoos, aren’t you guys supposed to be surveying the quality of tattoo work not the life decisions of the subject matter? There’s got to be a WTF rappers site where you guys can properly direct your disdain for this dude.

  11. River says:

    ^^That chick is definitely the possessor of this tattoo haha.
    BEAUTIFUL artwork by the way (just a sad subject)

  12. Angithepiercer says:

    ^^^^^^^^^you sir cannot be more wrong. but she is a good friend of mine and works with the artist that did the portrait.

  13. dirtydave says:

    great work. love weezie. uhh… however, lil wayne is hard to look at.

  14. wtf says:

    Great tattoo, a bit stupid but still if you have to have a monster stupid tattoo at least it’s a good portrait, not like those Hills Have Eyes children on the other picture. Lil Wayne’s even a good looking guy.

  15. jodie says:

    Wow that’s really good. The lips look so real

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  17. Jack Goff says:

    nicely done but they should have picked better subject material. barack obama would have been a good choice.

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