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  1. girlwatcher says:

    Hey guy! You don’t look anything like her.

  2. strange1 says:

    ..I wouldn’t be betting that’s a dude…

  3. CanuckLulu says:

    I would or else it is the flabby, no shape, football player version of her.

  4. awesome says:

    not quite (in response to like a virgin)

  5. bananana says:

    A woman of that size would have hips / a muffin top and then curve in (even if the curve contains fat rolls it’s still present). That’s a man.

  6. Kessog says:

    Maybe that’s his prison name?

  7. lazypadawan says:

    Only a gay man would get a Madonna tramp stamp.

  8. nosmo king says:

    madonna’s let herself go.

  9. Cgirl says:

    A gay man wouldn’t be that fat

  10. Chris says:

    Like a spergon

  11. 100% Chicolini says:

    Why is that person washing a sack of paper plates?

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