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Light sabers

Filed under: Random

  • Kevin

    Why is this a WTF? …… I think they are cool. The red saber looks better, but considering the usual crap I see on here, they are not bad

  • Ryan

    This tat is actually effing awesome. Why does this website hate on Star Wars/Trek, HP, LOTR fans and their tattoos?

  • Netjnke

    Looking at the purple on the fingernail … that’s no tat.

    Not bad drawing though

  • AlfaCowboy

    Those are pretty cool, actually. Might be a WTF in terms of just a doubletake, but pretty awesome.

  • Mojo Jojo

    To the person saying the purple is fake: you’ve obvnerdiously never seen a tattoo being done. I have one w blue coloring & my shirt is still stained from the ink. So yeah, that happens w real ones. Anyway, I also don’t understand why this site always makes fun of nerd tattoos. These are awesome!

  • Gretz99

    Pretty cool, must be pretty painfull on the side of the finger OUCHHH !! Guess i prefer having a full sleeve done :)

  • Musubi

    I’m pretty sure they are fake. Yes, tattoo ink will stain fabric, but the excess wipes off of skin easily when the artist wipes the area down when he/she is done. The fact that the guy has purple ink on his fingernail and that there is no redness tells me this is a fake. There could be excess ink on his finger if the tat was fresh and he hadn’t been wiped down yet, but then we’d see it all red and raised.


  • Melba

    I love these too.

  • jonny c

    I’d do it.

  • Shananaginz

    When I got my fingers done they didn’t raise or get red. And residual ink on any tattoo isn’t unusual. Either way, this is freakin sweet!

  • CrackMan

    Looks like the tattoo that I have on my dick, except mine is a lot bigger. I wanted it to show off to my family…

  • AIMZ

    omg i freakin want these tatts … AWESOME

  • ds

    Real or not…I think they’re kind of cool. Would be awesome if they were real tho :)

  • Princess

    Hey, my tattoo actually did these. they are totally real. I watched him do them!

  • gearhead grrl

    Love it. And WAY cooler than the moustache assmunch finger tat you see alot.

  • UncleAlex

    Specifically, it’s Mace Windu vs Darth Sidious sabres. C’mon, people!

  • Cat

    I Like these!!! i’m currently trying to get a friend to this tat with me so we can light-saber fight

  • Magggie

    Hahah, i actually love this tattoo. <3

  • Gabe

    You know the purple sabre is on the middle finger because the index already had a mustache…

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