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Leviticus 19:28

Ok, we believe you, you’re not gay…

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  • Again

    He should have got this tattooed on his back as a warning to any man who would take him up on his incessant begging to be taken up the ass… It’s obviously not put where HE can read it, but why get it inked here and not somewhere where it would be useful and situationally appropriate?

  • Ixidor

    The verse is accually 18:22, 18:23 says don’t do the donkey. I also belive theres one there about not marking up your body as well.

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  • david

    ok 1 question y is there a cage (behind ) him and hay ?

  • sarah

    Leviticus 19:28 (New International Version, ©2010)

    28 “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.

    If you are going to live by the Bible, than live by the Bible. DON’T PICK AND CHOOSE!

  • laineybean

    someone in SERIOUS denial…’me thinks the lady doth protest too much….’

  • Capt.Obv.

    I’d bet my roll that this dude jerks off to tranny porn.

  • jax

    I agree Sarah.

  • Phil

    Also, if people who wish to live by the Bible are going to go the whole hog, I believe there’s something in there about how they shouldn’t eat shellfish on the Sabbath.

  • Marcus

    To bad the bible says youre not supposed to get tattoos or wear clothing made of more then one material. Stupid hypo-christan.

  • dclxvi

    Leviticus is about marking your body for other gods, which was common in the time. It’s about marking your body for false idoltry, not necessarily a condemnation of tattoos.

  • Super Weiner

    Something tells me this tattoo did nothing to prevent anal rape in prison. On second thought, maybe he got it done as a result of anal rape in prison.

  • You Suck At Kijiji

    And IIRC, beyond banning tattooing, the same Leviticus also bans wearing synthetic or blended fabrics. This guy would be in huge trouble if any of that Bible stuff were real.

  • Isa

    Someone’s trying way too hard…

  • Georgie

    Nah….some stuff are considered worse. Like eating pork and getting tattoos aren’t as bad as other things.

    I guess sodomy is usually considered worse. Which…hm… anyone think maybe he’s just making a statement that he’s a man of abomination? Just a thought…if he is into it.


  • j

    re the anal rape in prison-its not rape if you say yes-this guy likes it deep and hard

  • Fatkid

    he’s gonna have to have that removed when he goes to prison.

  • heywood jablomie

    If you’re going to quote the good book, or any book, for that matter, at least try to get the quote correct! Lv 19:22 – “Thou shalt not be with a MAN as one does with a woman….”

  • MJRotten

    Looks like someone’s closet is over stuffed.

  • Clae

    Thank you all for your totally unoriginal rehashing of the same lame-ass joke that hating something means you do it. Awesome. You’re all clearly better than this person, and now everyone else can know just how cool and original you really are.

  • Adrian

    His other Leviticus tattoos include:
    Do not shave
    Do not eat shell fish
    Do not wear more than one material at a time
    He’s a very religious man, you guys!

  • TankGirl

    Too bad the bible also states not to judge. Oh well, pick and choose.

  • Crazycatlady

    He probably has an ass tattoo that says “Exit Only-Do Not Enter.”

  • Tennessee Jones

    okay….as y’all already stated…it does mention in the bible that your not supposed to get tattoos…i have no idea where im going with this…

  • eye_burnz

    I am a homo and from past experiences. If guys have to openly publicize their hate for the gays, they themselves are gay and can not accept it.

  • david

    It’s a reminder to himself for when he is drunk not to sleep with the same sex.

  • LaLa

    I wonder if this smart guy read ahead to

    “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD.”
    Leviticus 19:28

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  • katrina kristiansen

    I am sooo sure he has read the whole bible both old and new test…..where it says thou shalt not go to heaven with tattoos or brandings or piercings…..dumb ass

  • The_Slab

    Patton Oswalt said it better, something like if you have a problem with butt sex thats a legitimate arguement, but to say a f–king book told me not to? That equals crazy

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