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Lester the jester

This guy has his own Facebook page here.

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  1. bean says:

    The only way this guy gets a job is in a freakshow. Or maybe a reality show.

  2. Snap says:

    more like lester the molester

  3. Jester says:

    Lester, wow these people don’t even know how to read my name, 😛

  4. ashley says:

    omg what a freakin loser.

  5. Trevor says:

    This guy is awesome, one of my good friends in fact. And you sold yourself short by taking one of his old pictures. Doesn’t do him justice. He recently got some quite impressive work done on top of his head. Keep up the good Work Jester (:

  6. Makayla says:

    this dudes awesome. i follow his shit on fb. he’s not a freak, just creative! keep creepy my friend!

  7. Trinity says:

    Known this guy for years! One of my very good friends :) Jester is a very creative soul and very loving! And for the record very much employed!!!!! Love you Jester! :)

  8. Allan says:

    He has a mental problem. It is related to self-image. He can’t stand how he looks so goes to great lengths to change his image. Still a douche.

  9. Billy Bob says:

    He might be the nicest guy in the world but looking like this kinda limits his life. Job (who would hire him?), women (who would date him?), small children would run away from him. Very dumb life choice by a sad sad man.

  10. Tonto says:

    Pathetic asshole.

  11. Jester says:

    So much hate for a level of creative the same type of minds will never understand. Perhaps try and step out of someones idea of normal people. Regardless at least get an up to date photo of me, much love and laughter, Jester

    P.S heres a modern pic,


  12. Amanda says:

    wtf. why???????

  13. j ro says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…. MR. Aggravated Rape 2013!!!!!!

  14. Tonto says:

    Wood paneling in background provided by … mom’s basement.

  15. Tonto says:

    Photo taken in mom’s basement.

  16. Jim says:

    should’ve called him “lester…kill your whole family and store them in his basement freezer for sunday snacks.” Creepy!

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