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Kobe Bryant

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  1. k. stanford says:

    Without a doubt, the best portrait tat I’ve ever seen. But, Kobe is a douche and so is this guy. Rumor has it this guy paid 10k to be pissed on my Mr. Bryant.

  2. Tribalist says:

    That is one seriously gay tattoo. And I don’t mean gay as in stupid, insipid, or foolish, I mean gay as in “bumping uglies while screaming into each other’s chest hair.”

  3. jimmy says:

    I don’t care what ya say about Kobe, that is one awesome tattoo!!

  4. Loki says:

    talk about taking wiggerism to a new level!!! a white guy with a black rapist guy’s face tattoo?? what an idiot!!!

  5. pcfriedrich says:

    I’m not concerned about the quality of the work; I couldn’t care less. That tattoo is just as stupid as any on here.

  6. not a kobe fan says:

    lol @ wiggerism, but since when does having consensual sex and nutting on a skanks face make you a rapist?

  7. ADK says:

    lol “best portrait tat i’ve ever seen” that’s laughable

  8. vomit knife says:

    There are Kobe t-shirts, right?

  9. NamSun says:

    this is awesome except kobe is not wearing any championship rings oh well

  10. Alicia says:

    Is it just me or does that look more like Eddie Murphy? I never would have gotten Kobe from that. Crappy piece.

  11. betty says:

    well at least they picked a good tattoo artist. most portraits suck balls but at least this one is well done. still dumb though…

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