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Kid Cudi is depressed

For those out of the loop, Kid Cudi is a strange rapper who just got these strange tattoos on his wrists. (Thanks to Mike of

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  1. drm says:

    Maybe he ran out of weed.

  2. Netjnke says:

    Anything for shock value.

  3. MannythePirate says:

    This is a dumb tattoo for many reason. But I’ll just bring up one: When you slit your wrists you’re suppose to cut them up and down the arm not across. Oh well something else he won’t do right in his life. Ha!

  4. liz Hatchet says:

    Only emo people that want attention cut their wrists the wrong way..So yea in other words he wants attention.. stupid tat

  5. Loki says:

    please, dont tease us like that

  6. My name is who? says:

    You’re supposed to go down the river not over the bridge..

  7. MannythePirate says:

    OKAY! We need a new tattoo to laugh at. I’m sick of Seeing this dumb retard, emo slit wrists tattoo. Next please.

  8. Netjnke says:

    and if someone calls 911, thinking they’re for real (cause they do look pretty realistic) … I wonder if he could get arrested for “causing panic” or whatever they call it.

  9. nicole says:

    Yeah, you can tell he’s a bit depressed from some of his songs..

  10. Killer Tuna says:

    Kid Cudi is an idiot.

  11. Am says:

    Grow some balls and do it for real.

  12. tobymarx says:

    Kid Cudi is obviously a poser and full of shit, ‘cuz everyone knows that if you really want of off yourself the only way to cut is “up the road” and not “across the street”.

  13. Balls says:

    That’s kind of disappointing. Kid Cudi is really talented. But that is a douchey tattoo.

  14. whatever says:

    He had a great album a few years ago. Then the latest one sucked. So this makes sense.

  15. jj says:

    Kid Cudi needs to read up on how to do this. ONLY attention-whores try to off themselves this way, you can’t hardly do it cutting across like that. Gotta go vertical, horizontal just makes a bloody mess and doesn’t get the job done. Dork.

  16. joker says:


  17. Mike G says:

    to make it worse he was all upset that a fan committed suicide and then he got this…what a douche…PS it goes vertical dummy

  18. Ashley says:

    What a dick hole lol

  19. ant says:

    you are supposed to cut lengthwise not across!! no wonder he’s depressed, he can’t do anything right!

  20. Cudiiii says:

    All of his tattoos have personal meaning to him and i think the tat is dope. Plus this tattoo means he finished off his old self and showing he is all good now. Personal reminder for him. Fucc the haters.

  21. Make it simple says:

    How many of you can say the same sentence?
    Maybe he’s trying to bleed and not die. Maybe just die a little bit? I don’t like the tattoo either but maybe it means something to him… Judge or join

  22. Gianni says:

    You guys are all stupid.. he’s not seeking attention, he even tweeted the reason why he got this tattoo. It was to symbolize that the old cudi is dead and he transformed.

  23. BobtheLumberjack says:

    Rap is crap!

  24. Ken says:

    That’s beautiful work.

  25. Jack Goff says:

    He is a great inspiration!

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