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I’ve stared at this for 20 minutes & still don’t know what it says

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  • BobO

    What the hell is that?

    Is that back fat?

    That’s disgusting!

  • Stephanie Chumley

    it says Lemme Hold (still using the d from hold) dat Beast!! YUCK!!!

  • Watertender

    It should say “Wide Load” & “Caution Toxic Waste”… That is one nasty looking sheboon butt. Any man getting his pecker trapped between those cheeks will need it steamcleaned at the very least.

  • Sam

    All of the above!

  • Nene

    What is that? Is that the fat from the neck while you are looking down? I don’t get it. I see the pink house slippers but…I dunno. Anymore looking at it and I feel like I’m going to get trapped.

  • Lyzzie

    I’m sure it says lemme hold at least…. I think

  • girlwatcher

    That’s a tramp stamp. The toes are pointing away. The pink material is panties. Notice the little blurred spot covering a little crack.
    Okay now you people tell me what that nasty fold is. Scar? Strange fat fold? What? And why is the skin near it all orange peel-like?

  • alienoddball

    it reads “let me hold that beast”

  • stinky

    no, it says “lemmeholdatbeast”. don’t use quotes unless you are actually quoting, if they wanted it to say hold that instead of holdat they would have!

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  • Losing hope in humanity

    Im pretty sure it says “Lemme {Let me} hold at least”

  • loki

    lol, who shaved that gorillas’ a$$, is a better question!!

  • bob

    Letmeholdatbeast. Same thing the toilet probably says when she backs up to it.

  • Heather

    The title says “stared at this for 20 minutes” Yeowch!! I can’t look at that for 20 seconds! Ick!!!

  • Kim

    Aww, so pretty.

  • loki

    Sir Loins’ mother?

  • Sir Loin

    Is that a coin slot on the top?

  • Clint

    it says, “would you like fries with that?”

  • ipus

    Her back fat has a belly button.

  • Bob

    Looks like a bowl of CoCo Wheats!

  • Jazeebelle

    it says “this is why stupid people shouldn’t get tattoos”… or wait… maybe “a sucker is born…” no… no… def “this is why stupid people shouldn’t get tattoos”

  • Sable

    It says Lemmeholdatbeast. Whatever that means.

  • Watertender

    If she was a pole dancer it would be a utility pole she would have to use for the act. She probably thinks she looks hot and there are probably some men that would take her up on the offer to hold their beasts.

  • firehead4

    lemme hurl

  • Cyanide

    Lemme Hol* Dat Beast.

  • J Dub

    I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Tony

    Looked like she paid for this tattoo with installments on layaway!

  • Christine

    Why is it oiled?

  • Carl La Fong

    I’d rather look at that pile of adipose tissue for a whole day than to see one more moron post, “I just threw up in my mouth a little”. It was clever for the first two or three days but, like the word “amazing”, it has run it’s course

  • Stephanie

    It looks “oiled” because it may be still healing,so it might have some kind of alcohol mixture/Vaseline or that stuff they sell you at the tattoo parlor that is supposed to help it heal,either way,it’s awful.

  • omsiN-

    I think its a typo.. She wanted “lemme have a feast”

  • Naughty

    The mark is a scar combined with a really bad cyst/boil… and it is still a fresh tattoo because you can still see where the tape was at on her hips… and irregardless of her size… she is someones daughter, granddaughter, mother, sister, Aunt, or grandmother and those who love her and know her thinks she is beautiful and I am sure some guy truly loves her and looks at her as some one Gorgeous and we would all be so lucky to have some one who looked at us that as we were the most beautiful person a live…. just my 2 cents, not saying it is right or wrong…just not a judgmental person…. not my place to judge her or anyone… I have 27 tattoos and 7 piercings and I would hope no one would judge me so harshly as those of you here have done with her…

  • hannaH

    i think it says “lemme hol’ dat beast”
    coz she such a classy lady

  • coocoobananas


  • LRW

    @coocoobananas: Yeah, irregardless. As in, “Irregardless of how asinine my holier-than-thou post is, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this tattoo is a horrendous mess that deserves to be ridiculed. Meanwhile, I should proofread my posts if I’m going to try chastising others.”

  • Crow

    Gotta love grammar nazis!!!!

  • @TheQuakingMess

    It says i will be dead in two years from diabetes and cancer….

    remember cancer is caused by fungus.

    She has a lot of fungus growing.

  • Ashley

    It’s lemme hold at beast….. I think

  • Alex

    It says “lemme hol dat beast” *shivers* O.o

  • kazooh

    Yeah, but she has what looks like a cup holder; kinda like a place to set your beer down while you doin’ ya bidness.

  • Jonny insano

    Its winkin at me, oh what a beast….

  • Gonzo

    It’s a saggy football with the laces coming undone.

  • calisnshn

    It’s LemmeHolDatBeat..a Trey Songz title

  • amyp

    I’ve got it!!! It says.. Lemme hold at beast. But it’s slang so “AT” is “dat” or “that”. So you would say it to a guy if you want to grab his junk.

  • karen

    Let me hold that beast, as if she likes dick up here ass.

  • Will Banger

    i’d hit that

  • Zoe

    I think it says ” lemme hold atleast “

  • elizabeththeprincess

    Omg..I’ve seen it all! My poor eyes…yuck! She even knows she’s a beast! Sorry for the guys who look at that beast completly naked! Holy visual…..going to peuke now.

  • Alex

    Is it wrong to get a boner looking at dat ass?

  • peter

    what kind of animal is that?

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