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Insane Miley Cyrus fan

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  1. Ronni says:

    Clearly, this guy has stalker tendencies!

  2. Jim O says:

    or gay tendencies.

  3. steven says:

    Jim O… are you saying that he looks gay? because if not that statements more stupid than most of the stuff posted on this site

  4. omns says:

    Is it a miley calendar behind him…dooo..doooo…doooo stalker material definitely love his girly hat

  5. I eat POOP says:

    Why doesn’t he just tattoo “Insane Clown Pussy” on his chest. Better yet, on his forhead.

  6. loki says:

    what a loser, with terrible taste at that!!

  7. Bean says:

    I find this to be quite creepy.

  8. I shaved my bollocks says:

    Is that a Miley Cyrus ghost over his right shoulder?

  9. Jeff says:

    He has more than just that one. I remember seeing this guy a while back on here –

    He is a grade A stalker!!

  10. ElJefe72 says:

    He’s not a pedophile at all…

  11. rudegrrl says:

    I saw this dude on another website. He has several Miley Cyrus tats and it’s disturbing. What a creep.

  12. rudegrrl says:

    In case you’d like to see more, here’s the link:

  13. Sir Loin says:

    Loki? Is that you?

  14. loki says:

    I thought that was your boy friend, but I guess you dont see his face to much??

  15. vomit knife says:

    Hey bud, put on a shirt, lose the gay assed cap and get a girlfriend. That would be a lot more fun than masturbating in front of a Miley poster in mom’s basement.

  16. alaina says:

    srsly, what is that creepy miley apparition over his shoulder

  17. KimLexVampire says:

    this is the kinda guy youll see standing exactly 201 ft outside of any high school.

  18. katsi says:

    What a DORK!

  19. Rancidone says:

    It’s Miley’s uncle..

  20. Rachel says:

    I’m currently not surprised if Miley Cyrus has ordered a restraining order against him.

  21. redski1960 says:

    Im sure daddy has a hit squad all lined up…

  22. Jon0379 says:

    Pedophile much? 😛

  23. Emma Graceffa says:

    Miley Cyrus is my blood related cousin, she would just be freaked out

  24. drmisretarded says:

    Don’t think it’s pedo since she’s over 18 but still stalkerish

  25. ghjfgjh says:

    I’ve seen this guy on a TV programme on BBC Three. He’s divorced with 2 kids and owns a cleaning company so not as crazy as the tatts make him out to be.

  26. Handlebar Said It says:

    Whoz Miley Cyrass? Gimmee a fookin’ break!!

  27. Donna Summersault says:

    Yeah, this guy is special.

    He has a portrait of Our Lady of Trailer Parks on his arm:

    Looks like she went heavy on the bronzer that day.

  28. smokee says:

    That is kinda scary, the guy you’d work with for 10 years and never know he had that on his chest

  29. Jack Goff says:

    He has that “I’m a stupid hillbilly” look in his eyes.

  30. Blogzilla says:

    The idea someone could be obsessed over Miley Cyrus is puzzling in and of itself

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