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Insane Clown Posse

Filed under: Celebrity tattoos, Tattoos of celebrities

32 Comments to Insane Clown Posse

  1. I bet she is like 3o now and second guessing her choice to put that as her tramp stamp…

  2. DaniO on September 14th, 2011
  3. Why is this a WTF tattoo?

  4. Holley on September 14th, 2011
  5. Because no one in their right mind likes the insane clown posse….

  6. Kim on September 14th, 2011
  7. No one passed the age of 21 should like icp..

  8. Marcus on September 14th, 2011
  9. Its your own opinion I like icp and iam 28 and I think she made a good choice

  10. miggies on September 14th, 2011
  11. i agree its everybody’s choice.i use to be in deep to the clown but it was i go to the 08 concert or see the birth of my son.God forgive me, but it shouldnt have been a choice.and yes i did see the birth of my son.sometimes people get too deep into things an dont im not deep like i was.i got an icp tattoo,yes,but its gettin covered.

  12. Kyle J on September 14th, 2011
  13. don’t get me wrong, I do like ICP, but getting a tattoo as a “tramp stamp” is a bit over bored.

  14. Diana on September 14th, 2011
  15. im 34 and still like ICP, i aint gonna get ink for a band but her it looks good on her and it aint that bad of ink

  16. KillaKlownfromoutaspace on September 14th, 2011
  17. Insert fart noise here

  18. Subliminal on September 15th, 2011
  19. It’s a WTF tattoo because only morons like ICP. Band tattoos are dumb in the first place but this takes the cake.

  20. sodeypop on September 15th, 2011
  21. dude i am sry i like ICP but its a bit sadder to just diss it on a website like this ppl. shit im only 21 and y’alls shit is sounding like freaking high school man.

  22. Smokie on September 16th, 2011
  23. Why is this a WTF? Its a good tattoo, and if she wanted to get it as a tramp stamp who cares?
    Screw you haters :)

  24. Mina on September 16th, 2011
  25. im 21 and i like icp i have a hatchet man and juggalo tattooed on my leg

  26. matt on September 17th, 2011
  27. its a WTF tat because it is under the category of celebrities of which ICP is definitely NOT! music for unemployed white trash wiggers

  28. gofukyourself on September 17th, 2011
  29. I came to say: her hair is awesome.

  30. Summn on September 18th, 2011
  31. i bet that the music you listen to sucks too, but we don’t say anything about that. keep your rude opinions to yourself.

  32. tonja on September 19th, 2011
  33. I, second that *insert fart noise here*. The band sucks and is an embarrassment to even suggest it’s “quality” or “decent” music. She probably got this one summer afternoon, while skipping 5th period Spanish in her Junior Year, stoned out of her mind. Overall, I’d give this a: LMAFO and a STFU WTF

  34. phx_84 on September 23rd, 2011
  35. Nice tat lette….I think I’m going to get one to go with my hatchetgirl and my wraith….

  36. grandmalette on October 10th, 2011

  38. grandmalette on October 10th, 2011
  39. Wait, so Vanilla Ice is in the “Psychopathic Family” and we’re still discussing the validity of this post??? GTFO of my internet!

    Also, fun facts: I worked for a venue for a while and it hosted several of this ICP associated events and I won’t post my professional opinion of them, however I can say :

    1) They don’t even drink Faygo as much as they make their fans do it.Their onstage cooler was full of various other sodas like Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

    2)They never show up to the venue until 5 minutes before the show.

    3) They leave directly afterwards.

    4)Their merch guy said most people who show up spend atleast 100 bucks a piece on average. Calculate that out to the average attendance of a show like that, then look around your apartment/house/mom’s basement : How much of all that could have went to improving your own standard of living as opposed to their’s? Just sayin’.

  40. Carlos on October 11th, 2011
  41. To all ya’ll lo’s an lette’s out there can I get a WHOOP WHOOP. Now jus cause a chick has a ICP tat on her lower back as a trampstamp does not make her a tramp. All you haterz out there are only talkin ur shit cause you kno in ur hearts you cant make it an keep grindin like they did what yall dont kno is icp was workin an tryin ta support their dream of makin it big while mos of you were sittin at a bar drinkin shootin tha shit wit ur buddies they were out passin out fliers doin small time gigs barely makin shit. you only wish you could be as successful as they are i give them props for doin what they do an makin it to where they are at leas they got the talent ta do tha s**t while yall sittin round wit stickin yalls thumbs up yo a** then puttin that same thumb in ya mouth. cause i not only smell shit from my comp screen from yalls words but i can see it in tha background of yalls comments. y dont yall put ya self in they f***in shoes for once an see how hard it is to be them. im 25 yrs old an im still down wit tha wicked motha F***in clown. so check it how bout this if all yall f***in haterz dont like me then guess what yall can do yall can f*** tha motha f*** off. oh an if you have a joker’s card an you go an get it covered or wantin to get it covered you r f***in STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLE!!! now to all the lo’s an lette’s out there WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL to all yall all i gotta say is WHOZ GOIN CHICKEN HUNTIN?

  42. G.I. JOE on October 13th, 2011
  43. This is retarded. Also, judging by the grammar and spelling of all the ICP fans…I see a correlation between listening to ICP and being a full blown retard. Sure they may be popular…but they lack any talent. They are the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in music. And if you’re 40 or 50 and still listening to this…LOL at you. Pussy ass faggot band

  44. Steve on October 14th, 2011
  45. This post is more music opinion than of a tattoo criticism…kind of a WTF”wtftattoos”

  46. El Gordo Loco on November 4th, 2011
  47. In regaurds to the lady, RED FLAG!to G.I. Joe, if you have a complaint please make all submissions in english thank you.

  48. Tom Bombadil on November 23rd, 2011
  49. I

  50. Birdmannaz on January 7th, 2012
  51. ICP sucks, game over. Regular normal functioning people win again!!! The clown can get down on my balls.

  52. Saynotobadmusic on January 20th, 2012
  53. Whoop! Whoop!

  54. jesi on February 20th, 2012
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  61. whoop whoop to all the fam and haters i love u to thanks for the motvation thats y i own my own house car and am a professional cage fighter and starting my own music carer down with the wicked shit till i die whoop whoop ill be screamin till my death

  62. juggalug on June 23rd, 2012
  63. its a good tatty (y)
    ICP is the shit. cares, if you people dont like it. dont judge people. we be what we wanna be :)
    i have a hatchet man on my arm..

  64. insane on September 3rd, 2012

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