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Insane Clown Posse Care Bear

Filed under: Product placement

  • Melisa

    Oh good god… I don’t want to live on this world anymore.

  • Killer Tuna

    Aww, but we’d miss you Melisa!

  • sodeypop

    ICP is pathetic.

  • hellonwheels

    Judging by the pale skin and the ICP logo, it’s clear we have another white trash douchebag. Here

  • Phendraana

    Every time I see someone with an ICP tattoo, I know that we could never be friends, acquaintances, or have any sort of meaningful human relationship.

  • bluemoon

    they are not all bad, dumb or dipshits, just different.

  • bob

    LOVE IT.

  • Gweedo

    i feel sorry for you people. YOu have nothing else better to do than talk shit on stuff you know nothing about. Get a life its just entertainment!

  • Turreh

    The only thing I find saddening on this tattoo, is the Faygo. My favorite shitty beverage… ruined.

  • James

    Phendraana you know I bet you anything that you have met a juggalo that didn’t tell you if he was one or not and had a really good conversation or some shit lol. Than the rest of you talk shit like a bunch of low life peices of white trash dumbasses. I feel sorry for your lack of knowledge you so pathetically think you have. It might be a poor design but someone got it cause they wanted it and no matter what you or anyone says they were proud of it at the time and probably still are. well I’m done make my statement grammar nazi’s have fun cause any shit I had to give is now used and I love you haters even though your ignorance is depressingly pathetic. Oh and whoop whoop :)

  • James

    well I’m done making my statement, grammar nazi’s have fun cause any shit I had to give is now used*

  • jake

    Well im a juggalo im not unintelligent or white trash i have a kid and im a marine wtf you doin with your life?

  • jake

    oh and whoop whoop.

  • juggalug

    whoop whoop fam and haters just give it a try and just cause u see a hatchet man it doesnt mean icp theres about 13 bands on the record lable oh ya im a a cage fighter and have two kids and own my own home all at the age of 25 and i still rep the hatchet on a daily And im diffently not white trash whoop whoop

  • Nopenopenope

    Stop justifying you being retarded. All juggalos try and say how successful they are. Stop it. You sound even more ridiculous than just your awfull taste in music. Keep telling everyone that you’re educated! You might convince, oh, I dunno…no one?

  • The free BITCH herself

    AGREED JAMES FAMILY LOVE FOR LIFE! but the quality of the tattoo is POOR…only downfall otherwise its how someone wants to express their love of music…next time someone gets a tattoo of another artists album cover tell them they are stupid and ignorant.

  • jennie

    Can anyone tell me wher to find a icp carebear and I’ve looked every wher my daughter wants one so bad please help

  • LocaLette

    WHOOP WHOOP love it! MMFWCL<3

  • Jeff

    It’s not the music people can hate. It’s the pathetic fact the ICP culture is shoved down everyone’s throat. Of course not everyone is going to like a genre of music. They are saying your ignorant because your close minded. Saying only your way is the best is never good. It was just meant for entertainment purposes and people take it too far.

    It’s unhealthy to devote your life to something like a band or record label. Supporting a company can be done by healthy means. Not tattooing branding on your self. Having logos all over your car, clothes and children. It’s going way beyond expressing your like for music. We all now what rebellion is from authority. ICP is just one of many sources. A modern day pied piper for angry masses wanting to be individuals. Ignorance breeds hatred and hatred breeds violence. They are just sending the message it’s ok to hate and rebel authority.

    Don’t devote your life to something like that. If you want to be entertained sure it’s our right. Buy their albums and go to their concerts. Just don’t force your culture on other people and your kids. Give them the same right you had to choose. Let them have an objective eye for something new. I’m not the most intelligent person but I hope this makes sense to someone. Odds are it wont and will just get bashed and flamed. At least what I had to say was well thought out and organized.

  • revleroy

    Wasn’t all this ICP/Juggalo shit over like ten years ago at least ?

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