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Incorrect apostrophe

The sender of this tattoo wanted us to ask our readers if they “think it looks hot.” I don’t know if she realizes the grammatical error in it.

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  • Hank

    Please, will all the dumb people like this chick just go kill themselves?

  • Watertender

    When brains fail stupid people get tattoos.

  • Bob the LumberJack

    Not hot, even if it was grammatically correct!


    Might’ve worked better with a bit of a curve !

  • drm

    Hey, enough. I know a fool calling himself Word. He fails all the time, and then I usually tune him out with music, because he’s usually talkin’ ’bout some bullshit. Trust me. It’s completely logical. ;]

  • Roger Sanchez

    Since the words have failed, she’s going to be doing a lot of singing ; )

  • Gat

    I don’t know which is more stupid, the fact that the girl obviously doesn’t realize her painfully obvious grammatical error, or that she thinks that this website would have good things to say about a cliched tattoo.

  • Funk Biscuit

    Perhaps she’s going for dramatic irony?

  • George P

    drm is right. Word has failed.

  • Laura

    Also needs comma after “fail.”

  • Sharky

    So what? Some people on this website need to get a life rather than finding the smallest and most insignificant things to disrespect others about.

  • Hap

    Poor thing; she obviously has low self-esteem and is trying to find her way to express herself and feel like she belongs somewhere. I think besides the word error, the placement is very bad; it’s not flattering. However, she can always have this removed and/or try again with a better tattoo. I would suggest she wait until she has a truly meaningful personal life experience and then to select an appropriate image (not words) that is not overbearing, to mark that life event.

  • Mari

    Other then the obvious apostrophe…..It’s “WHERE” not “when”!

  • Pip

    Hey my name is sanity and I was killed by my mum and if you don’t post this on 20 more comments you will die and if you don’t believe me google it. Sanity 27. And us you ignore it your mum will die in 20 days

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