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  • Cess

    WTF ?????

  • Aethelwulf

    There are no words!

  • abc143jtd

    I just didn’t realize how stupid people really are until I started checking out this site… WOW.. just WOW.

  • some person

    this picture has been posted before… still disgusting

  • kat

    What the shit is that suppose to say? Or is it just a collection of genitals crudely placed across her abdomen? She needs to hug the sun.

  • WJP

    I think it’s supposed to say LOVE, but it consists of a penis, vagina, ribbon?, and handcuffs. What an awful, awful idea.

  • SMA

    Oh look she don’t need a belly ring this a big mole for that, yuck.

  • Missy

    I can’t think what it will look when she is 70.

  • Philip

    That just screams “classy”.

    Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

  • darcii

    LOL the penis ball has a mole. What freak wants this henious tat, yuck!

  • Sharon

    Is that an old belly button ring… or a hernia?

  • jeez

    The “v” is supposed to be two tounges. And this has been posted before, just a close up of it instead. Just plain nasty.

  • Philip

    What makes it even worse is the fact that “Pretty Kitty” is tattooed above her no-no place.

    I’m betting that’s exactly what it isn’t.

  • Kelly

    Tattoo’s like THIS make me wish that the artist would sometimes just say “no”

    And I think that is a scar from her belly button ring either rejecting or being ripped out…

  • littlelorna

    … and is that a mole (or perhaps a genital wart) on the ball, or were they being even more “artistic” and trying to make it a nipple to resemble a boob?? *wibbles*

  • Ted

    Wow. If they had placed the female genitals around that enormous belly button it would have looked like she was at 6 centimenters and ready to give birth at any moment.

  • ErinS

    That’s a pretty small penis. She must have low expectations.

  • monkeekee

    Omg, it does say ‘love’ and I think that is 2 tongues. I needed to lie down after I saw this tattoo. I’ve seen some shit tattoos in my time, but I honestly can say this is THE worst tattoo I have seen. It’s the effort put into making this nasty thing. She didn’t just wake up and have this, there was effort and time…

  • Josie

    Forget the nasty tat, wtf is wrong with the belly button?

  • Danielle

    gross…the tat the moles…all of it….gross


    the artist even hasn’t forgot the condyloma on his scrotum

  • Christine

    I honestly don’t know which is worse… The tattoo itself, the nasty anus-looking navel or the shit colored scar above it.. Good thing I haven’t eaten….

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  • sezzikittens

    Hahaha the balls are boobs that’s clever.. And the belly button has a belly ring scar (kinda looks like a cats bum though :O ) . Terrible tattoo however. But hey alls to their own I suppose

  • Paula

    That thing on her belly button? A keloid, most likely.

  • Dr. Mary Mason

    What is seen cannot be unseen.

  • Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt

    What I hate most about this dirty trashy tattoo is that there is no ass hole on the woman.

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