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Inappropriate neck tattoo

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  1. Frakie Fuggles says:

    Is that Bill Gates?

  2. Judith says:

    Frikin moron, dumbass stupid man

  3. wowza says:

    what a moron ! that is even a good stick figure tat and did you really need to add the balls?

  4. Captain Obvious says says:

    My worst nightmare is my daughter would bring a douchebag like this home.

  5. whatever says:

    He’s obviously not getting blow jobs in his real life. Poor guy.

  6. Megan says:

    1) That looks drawn on and 2) If that is a real tattoo, he’s is going to catch nothing but hell for the rest of his life. Major douche!

  7. hellonwheels says:

    Wow, what this tattoo really needs is an arrow above the chicks head with his name, then send him to prison where tattoo becomes reality

  8. KEna says:

    wow that shows he’s got a lot of confidence….confidence that he’s never going to need a job in corporate america, or a bank loan…or a girlfriend that isn’t riddled with diseases and getting paid for her time…

  9. Tammy says:

    looks like it was done in marker

  10. John C says:

    Explain that one to your kids!

  11. Madison says:

    His mole looks like an eye, so she’s really sucking on his nose.

  12. vomit knife says:

    Judging from the various scars on his throat and back of the neck this tat may not be the stupidest thing this ass wipe has ever done.

  13. Missy says:

    I guess I will be supporting his dumb ass on public assistance.

  14. Melissa says:

    He should def also be on the douchebag site. What a complete ass-hat….what could possibly be the reasoning behind getting something like this, unless like mentioned above, the guy is just NOT getting any real bj’s. It just amazes me how many stupid people are out there. Guy is obviously starving for attention.

  15. Netjnke says:

    Looks drawn on w/ marker

  16. Loki says:

    I’am also calling fake on this one, but still only an idiot would do this.

  17. artkittie says:

    oh…the places you’ll go

  18. snape says:

    bet he thinks he’s a real hero for having that tatt

  19. melissa higgin says:

    drawn on for sure…

  20. Dolly says:

    Seriously??? What a complete idiot! At least put is someplace hidden!! Stupidty like this just amazes the hell out of me!!
    @@ Rolls eyes! ( and I have a lot of tattoos!!)

  21. Nicky O says:

    Thats really going to pull the ladies. Classy

  22. Dagmaar says:

    Enjoy buddy , because that’s the only head your ever gonna get !

  23. bill gates says:

    i actually saw this guy at a gas station on a monster motorcycle. very creepy dude. so much so that i actually googled his tattoo to see if it meant anything.

  24. Roscoe says:

    If it’s real I am sure he has a good job.

  25. Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt says:

    Glad to see he and his mom are so close.

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