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I’m sure it’ll look just as good after they break up

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  1. Franque says:

    How does Vigil feel about this one also being the property of Jason and Ray? Or is this a misspelled tattoo and the third owner is Virgil?

  2. Watertender says:

    I wonder if there are belt welts on her ass?

  3. Sir Loin says:

    We’ll be holding a “Jason Ray Vigil” at sundown. Get it? See what I did there?

  4. CSA says:

    The fact that this stupid cunt allows herself to be property…I hope the hell she doesn’t breed, but I’m guessing there’s already one on the way..sigh..

  5. Rouschkateer says:

    Why are the roses excreting liquid? It looks like they are ejaculating on the names.

  6. Jenn says:

    Wow, I guess she took the “purity pledge” to her daddy a bit too far.

  7. inkling says:

    “Property of” makes me MAD! Stupid ass trash sluts flushing the toilet on all women’s rights. MAD! HOW I YEAR TO BITCH SLAP THAT BITCH!

    have a nice day… :-)

  8. inkling says:

    oops… *YEARN not YEAR. effects of my uncontrollable rage :-)

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