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  • Alexx

    As an illinoisian, I am embarrassed.

  • Howie Duen

    Am I missing something? What is wrong with this one?

  • Karen

    It’s Illinois’, not Illinois’s

  • eash

    lol wat a idiot

  • Englishmajor

    Um, you idiots know that you still add an ‘S’ at the end if the word ending in ‘s’ is not plural right? To show posession? You don’t just NOT add an S because there’s an S there. Illinois is a proper, singular noun. You guys are f*cking stupid. This tattoo is accurate and is on here for no reason.

    If your last name was Dickens, you would say “This is Dickens’s finest work.”
    If your last name was Thompson, and you’re talking about more than one, you would say “This is the Thompsons’ house.”


  • ree

    Though grammatically this may be accurate there was no need to add the “s”. It would have been just fine as “Illinois Finest” there truly is no need for the S if you really want to get technical.

  • phxpaul

    Sad, but I’ve actually heard someone say “Illinios’s” Same person also says “Libary” and “Hambuger”

  • Kris

    Fact: showing possesion on a proper noun that ends with S you may still use the apostrophe S even though you would not on a common noun regardless of if it is singular or plural.

  • Tom

    Use the apostrophe to show possession. Place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession.
    one boy’s hat
    one woman’s hat
    one actress’s hat
    one child’s hat
    Ms. Chang’s house
    NOTE: Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second s added in possessive form, it is preferred.
    Mr. Jones’s golf clubs
    Texas’s weather
    Ms. Straus’s daughter
    Jose Sanchez’s artwork
    Dr. Hastings’s appointment (name is Hastings)
    Mrs. Lees’s books (name is Lees)

  • Vinnie

    Idiots. The apostrophe represents a contraction meaning illinois is. In this case the apostrophe should come a the end of Illinois

  • Sel

    The grammatically correct possessive form of Illinois would be Illinois’s. The first s is silent, pronounced normally il-li-noy. So it would be pronounced il-li–noise in the possessive form. Also words ending in s are required to have the apostrophe and the extra s afterwards when denoting the possessive. The s isn’t representing a contraction. I’m from Illinois and it drives me nuts when I see Illinois’.

  • k. stanford

    A lot of English professors visit wtftattoos I see.

  • Ghostie

    Fact: The submitter is an idiot and has no grammar. And neither do the people who go through these photos. “Illinois” is singular so “Illinois’s” would be correct even though it looks funny. Granted the entire thing sounds funny when you say it out loud…

  • Rel

    LOL @ Stanford… what a way to put their educations to use.

  • Dave

    I thought I was on a tattoo site

  • CrackMan

    Whether it is spelled right or wrong isn’t the real problem. The bottom line is that is a piece of sh!t idea of a tattoo to ruin your body with. Now go show the rest of the world your poor taste and high self-esteem and don’t forget to tell them where you came from. Cheerio, mate!

  • Kristen

    Stephen King addressed this issue in his book, “On Writing.” He says if it is posessive, always always use ‘s, even if the word/name ends with an s already. The only reason you’d write an apostrophe without an s is when you are using the posessive of a plural word, for example: the houses’ lights were beautiful. The more you know!

  • Hennen

    This tattoo is a bad idea but not grammatically incorrect. The idea of dropping the extra s after possessive apostrophes was developed be newspapers to save space in printing. But just because that is the common usage does not mean that “Illinois’s” is incorrect.

  • StlChica

    Wow, I never expected to learn something useful on this site.

  • Candi

    Sorry, but the correct spelling would STILL be, Illinois’ finest. This would STILL be pronounced as “Illi-noise”finest. And that is that. Argue all you want, but if you are saying you are the finest in Illinois, you would only put the apostrophe WITH NO SECOND S.

  • Cactus

    @Candi, sorry, but you’re wrong. (And you don’t need that comma between “be” and “Illinois’.”) And that is that.

    …and yes, I really am an English professor XD

  • America

    I am not at all surprised by the sheer stupidity of this.

  • Apostrophe

    Words that end in S, regardless of whether they are proper nouns and regardless of whether they are plural or singular nouns, can either end with just the apostrophe or with the apostrophe and the S. One of my favorite English professors said to write it how you would say it. It does look funny in this tat, and I can understand where some see it as a contraction for “Illinois is finest” but that adds a whole new level of WTF if it is a contraction. It does seem like quite a few grammarians (both of the amateur and professional variety) are browsing, but I suppose that is because there is nothing more hilarious than an error which is no longer editable.

  • chitown

    This tattoo is wrong, it’s just supposed to be simply Illinois’ Finest point blank

  • Al
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