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I’ll poop on you

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  1. John C says:

    Explaining that to your future sprog is not going to be easy! Hopefuly this person never reproduces!

  2. Kwake says:

    That’s actually a REALLY good quality tattoo. design is gross but dope work nonetheless

  3. captain obvious says says:

    Poop tattoos are the best.

  4. Spacegeek Nat says:

    Ha, corn. Disturbingly good work lol

    Hey, anyone see that animated movie “Flushed Away”? When he’s in the Sewer Marketplace he passes a cart selling “Corn, Slightly Used” which always makes me retchNgiggle (one word).


  5. L says:

    What broke ass tat artist agreed to this? Seriously the customer is not always right.

  6. The Slawdawg says:

    That is a fake.

  7. Rebekah says:

    Nothing like a good ole hot carl!

  8. Diana says:

    eww, that is disgusting! good luck trying to get a job with that tattoo.

  9. Invisible_Jester89 says:

    No thanks.

  10. Diesel says:

    That looks like shit lol

  11. chris says:

    Ha! That’s my tattoo. I don’t know who posted it, but it looks fresh. I got it in 2007 at Anonymous Ink, Savannah, GA. Ron Decosta did the work.

    What tattoo artist wouldn’t want to do a tattoo like that? It’s much better than a “strength” tattoo, written in Kanji.

  12. Carrie says:

    Ha! Who posted your tattoo?? If these people only knew about your troll, hot dog, and chuck Norris ink. Oh, and good luck finding a job with all that, like the person above said. Hahahaha. 😛

  13. chris says:

    You forgot people sushi, powdered toast man, and my toaster.

  14. Carrie says:

    And your full leg sleeve, creepy masked chest piece, Brando…your many tattoos are as unique and weird as you are, dude. Let the haters hate!

  15. J B Z says:

    The best part is I know this guy!

  16. Doc says:

    It looks like a mexican flag.

  17. Jack Goff says:

    Where’s Poopanator when you need him?

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