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I think you messed that phrase up…

Filed under: Random

  • Nathan

    FIRST…….wat a douche

  • Ali

    Wait …

  • Merle

    Hmm.. Maybe he’s a Muslim.

  • em

    Seems like that could possibly be the correct saying. Whats so wrong with it? (other than the crapy artwork?)

  • slacker5

    It’s a quote from Rambo. He got it right. Still looks like crap though.

  • jason leonhardt

    its if you dont live for something then you die for nothing

  • CrackMan

    I’ll be missing work tomorrow as I ponder the Confucious-zen meaning of the ultra-cool tattoo.

  • Douche Gargle

    I think the saying is ” LIVE FOR SOMETHING OR DIE FOR NOTHING ” ;) :) :D :P

  • Douche Gargle

    So I guess what replaced the old and tired misspelled tats are wrongly worded sayings? :(

  • cajita-feliz

    Nothing’s been replaced. We’re a complex group here at wtftattoos. We look at ALL SORTS of shoddiness. As all kinds of people eff those suckers up in so many ways.

  • Missy

    Oh, the young! Will have to live a long time with a stupid mistake.

  • http://na caryn


  • AlfaCowboy

    What in all the cold hells does the glowing red scorpion signify? Jesus tits, this guys a retard.

  • Rob Richardsion

    Erm, that is the correct saying? Im confused. Its still crappy, but its not exactly “Kanye” on a woman’s crack is it?

  • scal

    go back to school little retard

  • Happy

    It’s the right phrase.

  • B-rad

    That is a quote from the newest Rambo flick…

  • claudiapatx
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