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I really hope those are fake…


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  1. bubba says:

    Wonder what she charges for Halloween.

  2. Succubus' sister-in-law says:

    A prototype for the Emo Cabbage Patch Doll?

  3. DrNo says:

    one word: unemployable

  4. JesusToast says:

    Honey BooBoo , the High school years…

  5. Mika says:

    That’s makeup.

  6. Bob the LumberJack says:


  7. Whatever says:

    BRIDE OF CHUCKY!!!!!!!!!

  8. Vinyl says:

    I am so creeped out right now. I’ve never seen someone who couldn’t close their damn mouth because of piercings…

  9. Jayyne says:

    Kazakai that you?

  10. Watertender says:

    That looks like permanently unemployed to me. I have seen better looking fishing lures.

  11. LJ says:

    I really hope this girl is not as young as she looks. She looks like a preteen.

  12. marty says:

    all i want is a zebra baby or 5, live on welfare, get more piercings. maybe have a few more nagga babies

  13. lazypadawan says:

    She looks like an evil troll.

  14. Nancy says:

    She looks awful.

  15. DarthBalls says:

    thats an interesting place to keep your emergency survival fishing kit….

    one less thing to keep in your altoids tin….

  16. Jamie says:

    The stars def look fake but the piercings might be too bc she looks like a child.

  17. nosmo king says:

    i guess bobbing for fishing tackle is a new sport.

  18. bean says:

    Somebody’s got issues…

  19. MajorTrouble30 says:

    She thinks any of this is attractive how?? YUCK!!!!

  20. drm says:

    You just know there’s a Blood On The Dancefloor poster, somewhere on her wall.

  21. lills says:

    I’m scared….hope that when I check under the bed tonight, I won’t be finding her!

  22. lemonkirby says:

    LOL. This is the same bitch from that picture captioned “sometimes when i’m sad i like to cut myself… another slice of cheesecake”. xD I wonder how old she is.

  23. Amy says:

    She looks no older then 8, who the f**k let’s their child that young dress like this, can only imagine what the parents look like

  24. WhoCares says:

    She looks four or five years old – someone just dressed her up and she looks PO’d about it.

  25. jayme says:

    She’s not that young, people, it’s just her fat face that makes her look younger. I’d say she’s 15+.

  26. jack says:

    She doesn’t look young at all to me, she could easily be 25 or so.
    And with a grim future unless she makes some radical changes in her life.

  27. Tonto says:


  28. bonnieblue says:

    So. Very. Sad.

  29. sarah says:

    Even a dummy can tell it’s fake you can blatantly tell she has used the same pencil on her eyes.

  30. Jesse says:

    It’s amazing what fat girls will do to detract from their obesity.

  31. wtf says:

    Halloween. The markings are all painted on, that’s really evident and lip “piercings” actually come in the clip on variety at your local hot topic. She’s a child, quit trolling.

    WhoCares seems to have a brain, the rest of you need to buy my used bridge, it’s in Frisco, maybe you heard of it…

  32. heywood jablomie says:

    Makes me think of The Exorcist! She kinda looks like Linda Blair

  33. gemini says:

    No one has a comment besides stupid ones etc? this is obvious a child and regardless of real or fake,the mother should be bitch slapped for her parenting choice. The girl was forced to be made up like that and you all can’t comment of what’s wrong here? Stay off these sites if you are going to make negative ones.

  34. Jessica says:

    I think she is either an Emo or more likely a fan of Visual Kei music. For a Visual Kei fan, she looks pretty normal. I have seen way worse people. She might have just painted them on. Her pictures were all over the internet a couple of years ago, so I think she is not that young but still not older than 25 I think.

  35. Phil says:


  36. Cass says:

    Chuckie lives on

  37. LY says:

    Lots of eyeliner! At least the piercings aren’t permanent so she can be employed when she gets out of her “phase”

  38. Buster McThunderstick says:

    that’s the kind of thing you set on fire and put out with a baseball bat, also keep the garlic and/or silver bullets handy!!

  39. NOpe says:

    She’s not a kid. As Jessica said this pic has been on the internet for at least 6 years. She’s at least drinking age by now.

  40. Smo0shloaf says:

    Poor girl needs to get to a hospital ASAP! That’s one serious allergic reaction….

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