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I love you babe

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  1. Jenn says:

    wow prison tats are HOT! ummm not,lol

  2. You're hopeless says:

    Obviously not enough to get it done by someone who actually knows how to tattoo.

  3. Candi says:

    Um, at least when he breaks up with who he’s with now, the new girlfriend won’t be too mad! Lol!

  4. Magnum says:

    That’s not even prison quality, that’s more some middle school kid with his uncles long lost homemade tatt machine! If seen lots of prison tatts and I’ve never seen one that bad!

  5. cajita-feliz says:

    Mixture of a uterus and a butterfly…

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Is this even a real tattoo? It kind of looks like hena.

  7. waddanut says:

    Isn’t that “I LOVE you BeBE” ??

  8. Philip says:

    Looks like someone hacked that tattoo into their own skin with a knitting needle while wearing oven gloves.

  9. smartaleck says:

    I wonder how much he paid for the that?

  10. jack says:

    If someone were to put a book together with the stories behind these homemade tattooes it would make for very interesting reading.

  11. Dannyrocket says:

    Yes Magnum so correct. Looks like the old way of India ink and needle and thread

  12. moss says:

    i hope thats henna

  13. LABlackPepper says:

    This piece of s..ummm art look like owner do it to himself by left leg in dark.

  14. squid says:

    Wtf is this shit supposed to be, the Mothman Prophecies?

  15. shaunana says:

    I have been asking myself the same question…what is it? is it a uterus or a butterfly?

  16. KILLER says:

    This tattoo won in every category on Inkmaster.

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