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I have no idea…

Filed under: Random

  • Ryan

    Awesome. A bikini chick in a deadmau5 mask…

  • John C

    She is so gonna regret getting that!

  • wes porcelli

    I hope that is a man!

  • Amee

    I remember that pic, that girl is a Suicide Girl model.

  • Jordan

    Well, I can see how it’s “WTF” because it’s meaning less, the artwork isn’t bad. I mean I get it, if you’re into music by all means represent what you listen to and what you like…but deadmau5 is a dubstep DJ…hardly worthy of being called music. Just another iconic picture of a music fad.

  • Berly

    Any sort of fad tattoo is lame.

  • dc

    It’s Boom suicide and it’s a good tattoo.

  • Whatever

    Pretty horrible tattoo. Looks a lot fatter/more deformed than the actual girl. And the random blue background looks really stupid. Not everyone can do photorealism.

  • Lukasha

    The way the head is drawn it reminds me of The California Raisins meets Kermit The Frog. Way to ruin a decent pin-up tattoo.

  • Rupert Ferder

    @Jordan Deadmau5 is a Progressive House Producer, not Dubstep (although his latest album has dubstep influences)

  • Lucy

    I have a Deadmau5 tattoo but it’s much better than this…Boom is hot though ;)

  • Don’t worry about it

    P.S. Deadmau5 isn’t DUBSTEP! Your just as dumb as the person with this tattoo if you think that! Idiot!

  • Wolfeh

    The girl on the left is a Suicide Girl… I think it’s Boom Suicide. I wonder if the guy who got this tattoo realized that.

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