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I have no idea what that says

…aside from “don’t hire me.”

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  1. Kyle says:

    That is a gang tattoo, stands for Mara Salvatrucha which has a Central American and Los Angelas back ground and is one of the largest and most violent gangs in the world.

    So yes “don’t hire me” works as well.

  2. soundlogic says:

    it says “Dogs and rats have more of a chance getting into heaven than me. I would be of more use the rest of the world if I were dead.”

  3. soundlogic says:

    people like this should be exterminated from the planet.

  4. soundlogic says:

    less than human, I hold feces in higher regard than this guy.

  5. WOW i see an obvious prophet of god!! Teach me o wise soundlogic how do i judge someone so absolutely with out ever meeting them??Your so smart. wow run for government.. no run for Pope… no Run for Jesus’s job As the last man on earth with a direct line to the cosmos!
    Now it stands to reason this dudes bad news,as there are good clues.However in America you have the right to choose so if your singing the blues about toughie Latin crews remember someone else is judging you too.

  6. jeffm209 says:

    Reverand (sic) Blacksheep is a Douche!

    … And doesn’t know how to spell his own name!

  7. Nick Aids says:

    Lol at all these close-minded ignorant people on facial tattoos.
    You should all be exterminated for trying to treat this man as if he’s not a normal person like you or I.
    It says “MS” for MS13, this mexicano is OBVIOUSLY in a gang.

  8. Douche Bucket says:

    I don’t know about the middle but the sides spell M S and probably stand for MS 13 – a huge gang. BTW, why is the font all dark?

  9. Not a banger says:

    I am sure we have all hear the expression “dead eyes”. These are what those look like.

  10. jeff209 assumes to much. Such a clever person to read my mind all the way up here in Canada,how did you know what i was thinking when i pick out my name? what am i thinking of your mother right now jeffy?

  11. Spud says:

    To all you self ritgious people so superior to those that are passing judgement…
    If YOU say that you’d have no problem with your daughter dating this guy…
    Then, you ARE A LIAR!

  12. Kelly says:

    Hummm. – At the Rev. It doesn’t really matter what you were thinking when you mis-spelled you name. The point is you misspelled a common word. This make you look like a illiterate ‘douche’ … much like the guy with the face tattoos.

  13. krissykat says:

    judgemental? of course every human is judgemental… and when one wears their nasty business on their forehead its too easy. I hope this lad grows UP and out of that gang.

  14. Ah Jeez says:

    It says, “I should be terminated, I offer no value to society”.

  15. Ah Jeez says:

    PS- I would have a MAJOR problem with my daughter dating this guy. In fact, it may be the last thing he ever did.

  16. Kyle says:

    Rev. is from Canada…ha! that explains it, what a dumb ass.

  17. Global Warming is a Myth says:

    The center is “US” – denotes an american branch of the MS13 gang. And I think there is only one way out of this gang…

  18. dave says:

    I think you’re all completely right to judge this guy. MS 13 is Mara Salvatrucha, an incredibly violent Salvadoran gang. They have about 70 thousand members, and here in NC, one member was recently sentenced to death for the murder of 2 people in a restaurant. He shot one man in the chest and another in the head because they “disrespected” him. Judge away folks, MS 13 is dangerous, and they should all be locked away.

  19. adriel says:

    M is for mara & S for salva theres 2 diffrent mara salvatruchas but in u.s territory they become 1 i hope that explains the as in the middle

  20. JT says:

    It says ‘Mass’, clearly.

  21. ladyat0mic says:

    i think Rev is bipolar lmao

  22. jen says:

    Maybe he’s one of those guys who tries to help kids get out of gangs. Snap judgements and mean assumptions are fun but lets not be to hasty with labels. Also if the tat stands for MS13 then that gang is really cruel (acording to Nat Geo) and I don’t want him or them pissed at me.

  23. Kwake says:

    none of you would talk shit to his face.

  24. Me says:

    I would!! He ain’t tough. The only advantage that he would have against someone is a weapon.. that is if I left mine at home :-)

  25. Meeeee says:

    This guy is not Mexican. It’s a south American gang. They are all from el Salvador. If your going to insult someone at least know what your talking about. They are one of the most deadly gangs in america. They are known for their use of a machete. No one on this site would talk shot to their face but these comments crack me up. In my opinion I truly think face and head tattoos are ugly as sin!

  26. BobtheLumberjack says:

    It says I am a total loser!

  27. guadalisa says:

    he needs a little tweezing

  28. Jack Goff says:

    Piece of shit.

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