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I don’t know who this tattoo is supposed to be of

Filed under: Portraits

  • Phendraana

    Looks like… Calista Flockhart.

  • oneshot

    I think it’s MaryJane from Spiderman

  • M. Black

    IDK… but it’s just so not good.

  • Tim

    What’s up with her bottom lip??

  • John C

    If it looks this bad now, how bad is it gonna look in 20 years?

  • Tanaqueesha

    buffy the vampire slayer? cameron diaz?

  • DaniO

    Did the girl in the tattoo have a stroke? Her mouth looks weird…

  • tony-jay

    Its Courtney love……duhh…lol

  • Leahmarks

    Cameron Diaz?

  • jamileh

    kirsten dunz*

  • Sally

    It’s Shannon from “Lost”

  • Julie

    Shannon, from Lost??

  • Jasin

    Lost was a tv show. Look it up.

  • Wait….. what?

    Now I see the plane engine behind her.

  • Julie

    @jasin…. Lost is my favorite tv show of all time. No need for me to look it up. I just happened to post my comment at the same time as Sally. I put a question mark at the end, due to the fact that I’m confused as to why the artist made her look like sh!t.

  • Spacegeek Nat

    Besides the weird-ass mouth, it actually looks pretty good.


  • Naomi Meehan

    It looks like Calista Gingrich on a day she couldn’t get to the hairdresser to help her get her Gladiator hair-do going.

  • Kim

    One of the very first scenes of “Lost”.

  • drm

    I’ve seen worse portraits, but it still kinda looks like she is taking a dump.

  • Tender Vittles

    Entitled, “Chernobyl Aftermath: The Melting”.

  • Mike

    It is Shannon from lost. Here’s the original pic The tat is actually pretty good. Although not sure I’d wanmt one from a TV show..

  • Kirsty

    It’s Maggie Grace (Shannon, LOST)

  • Katie

    What’s going on with the bottom lip?

  • Britt
  • Corine

    It’s Shannon from LOST. You can see the airplane engine in the background.

  • aimz

    i know alot of people are saying Shannon from Lost … but the first thing that came to my mind was Buffy The Vampire Slayer

  • padraigtherobot

    First reaction was Shannon from Lost, though it is a HORRIBLE portrait. And what everyone says is supposed to be the engine looks more like random cloud squiggles in the sky.
    Interesting idea, terrible execution.

  • CO

    Definitely Shannon from Lost, though not the best rendering..

  • sweettate

    Kirsten Dunst?

  • Mariana

    I thought it was Calista Flockhart

  • popanator

    I always wished I was a pretty girl like this!

  • Victor

    it’s Buffy

  • Angie

    Definitely Shannon from Lost. The actress’ name is Maggie Grace. I recognized her immediately. Dumb tattoo, but that’s who she is.

  • Liz

    sorry, looks like Cameron Diaz taking a dump.

  • AjBren

    Melissa Ethridge?

  • Jess

    It is Shannon from Lost

  • Babs

    Kirsten Dunst?

  • http://deleted Pogorello

    Whoever this poor girl should be – definately she suffers from an one-sided facial palsy.

  • Krissy

    Sookie Stackhouse/Anna Paquin was my guess, til I saw the Lost picture.

  • kara

    i think it’s mary jane too.

  • jebus crispy


  • Gambler

    I can’t be sure but it may be Maryjo Buttafucco after the shot to the head

  • Fallon

    It may be a portrait of someone with a disability. Also looks like there may be wings behind her…. Sincerely, Buzzkill

  • Tracym23

    She is crying

  • Tracym23

    That’s what’s up with her lip

  • Joel

    Amy Poehler?

  • Ecstaz

    half her face looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the original Batman movie……

  • Brian

    First thought was Sugarland from the song Stay

  • Bostom

    She’s having a stroke

  • modano

    it’s Carol Channing

  • jennay

    Definitely Shannon from Lost. Why anyone would want to get a tattoo of one of the worst characters on that show is beyond me.

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